What did you name your baby and why?

Amy136602Amy136602 Registered Users 851 Posts
I just had a baby yesterday in the game and I'm having a very hard time naming it. I keep changing the name every 2 hours. It's harder then I thought. So I thought it would be fun to post stories of how and why your baby got its name :)
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  • ZoyechkaZoyechka Registered Users 1,187 Posts
    Omg me too! I started out with Bethany but then I remembered that was a Real Housewives of NY name. Then I went through a Rachel Dolezal phase & renamed her Sharkeisha. Then I ran out of inspiration & used my middle name as her name instead. So now she's just Zoë.
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  • Danielle_ModelsDanielle_Models Banned Users 870 Posts
    I named mine Isabella Marie, I was going to name her Jessica Rose but I already named my character that lol so yeah, but now my doll's name is Danielle Rose and I currently don't have a baby anymore :P
  • DMV_DollDMV_Doll Registered Users 1,470 Posts
    I decided to continue with the liqueur lush themed names. So since my dolls name in the game is "Midori " I named my baby "Bailey".





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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,089 Posts
    Samantha Jade was easy. She was named for her two uncles, Sam and Jedi Bull Then Android Z mysteriously ended up with a baby that looked just like AppleP and Stellan. that little cutie is named Cassanova Stephan, so he's kinda of named for this week's Host....that Cassanova, Stellan.

    Finally, the only baby in the family without Dubious Roots.......Little Dante Christopher. He is just the product of my well behaved Kat and her friend spouse. Dante was named for a cute guy on General Hospital I was watching at the time. lol. And, I always liked Christopher.
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  • MarikitaMarikita Registered Users 95 Posts
    I called my baby girl Daya cos I'm simply in love with this name since I read it on the acient sacred books of India (Veda)..
  • ChanrinChanrin Registered Users 516 Posts
    I went for Hazel because I love color names ^^ At first I wanted to call her Grey but the book kinda ruined the name for me. Then I wanted Ivy or Ivory but I hated that it was the same as Beyonce's baby girl. So I settled for Hazel :p
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  • CharliCharli Registered Users 1,670 Posts
    I actually wanted to name my baby boy Damon, or Elena if it's a girl. But then I saw Sassi already named her daughter Elena Rose, so I dropped it. Later I thought about Isabella or Bella, but that was a popular choice too, so no. Kristen was nice, but would seem like Kris Jenner, so no again. In the end I named her Kayla, after the actress Kayla Ewell :)

    I would have named her Emma, after Roschel's daughter. They're my favorite couple. Hmmmm, perhaps I'll change it now? :p
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  • EselleteaEselletea Registered Users 700 Posts
    So my sixth sense was completely off with my baby. I was convinced I'd conceive a boy with my in game hubby (Jesse) so I just typed in the name "Sage" (after one of my favorite hip hop artists, Sage Francis). Then, I realized the bar was pink and I'd had a girl. I guess Sage would work for a boy or girl but I ended up changing her name to Anna Molly after one of my favorite Incubus songs.
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  • kkh.isabellagracekkh.isabellagrace Registered Users 108 Posts
    So I decided to name my baby girl Emma and it's basically because I always liked that name.

    But that explication it's boring, so I gonna say that I name my baby Emma because quoting urban dictionary that's such a great name.
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  • MommyTo3MunchkinsMommyTo3Munchkins Registered Users 341 Posts
    I named my "in game" baby Caroline, since my real life husband and I love the name. We wanted to name our youngest daughter it, however his mom's name is Carol...so it is just too similar. (Our oldest daughter already has his grandmother's name.) This way I get to use the name without any family "weirdness."

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  • HollySiskHollySisk Registered Users 3,445 Posts
    I named her Grace after my Nana.
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  • PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    I have always liked the name Katrina or Katarina since I was a little girl - and I really like the name Rose also. Rosa went better with Katarina than Rose did. So the baby's named Katarina Rosa. Since it's a doll like my grownup doll is, might as well have a doll-ish name :)

    I think I named my dolls or paper dolls those names sometimes :) So, it fits.
  • nebula macaronnebula macaron Registered Users 239 Posts
    Originally his name was Edward Robinson [Picking his mother's last name since I don't have one. My doll's name is Dolce and that's it]. But one of my favorite designers is Alexander McQueen, so I changed his name to Alexander. He still keeps the middle name though.
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