What the heck?!

Danielle_ModelsDanielle_Models Banned Users 870 Posts
I do not know what is happening. But I am furious and I'm done with this game if I can not get my stuff back again.
I open my game all is going well--I finish a gig and then Boom my game crashes. I open it up it does some loading and then it brings me to the start? Why me, Glu? Why me? I did not DARE do anything I refuse to take the risk of starting all over AGAIN. I guess i'll be lurking on forums for now. But this REALLY sucks I want my 320k-stars back...(From Adopting)
What is this.. My second time having to restart v.v


  • Danielle_ModelsDanielle_Models Banned Users 870 Posts
    I'm just going to quit the game, it's annoying how this is only happening to me and I didn't do anything, I never had the hack and my device was never jail broken. God forbid I don't even know how to jailbreak iOS.
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    Happened to me on my android as well, Glu automatically replied to tons of my messages and nothing beyond. I wasted real money back then and non of it got back to me. I bought the 100 dollars pack before I started again buying nothing, all by myself.
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    Danielle, what is your status? Did this same thing happen last week? I'm so sorry this is happening.

    I remember you saying your game was lost, you were leaving, then you came back and said you couldn't not play so you restarted. With the different views about whether you can backup and restore or not, it's hit and miss.
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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