VIP Memberhip - What do we know?



  • IAmRyanJeanIAmRyanJean New Member NYC/ParisRegistered Users 22 Posts
    I purchased two packs of stars but i never get the option of the VIP membership 😔 The jumpsuit is so gorgeous 😩
  • BobbieMBobbieM Advanced Member Midwest, USARegistered Users 789 Posts
    This is an android thing for right now. I wish it was for iOS too.!!
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  • unique123unique123 Experienced Member Registered Users 291 Posts
    OMG. That black jumpsuit is in the box I always pick. It would have been mine. Sigh. That outfit is gorg.

    I hope it will be yours soon Koko! :)
    Zoyechka wrote: »
    Holy ****! That palette looks a zillion times better than anything my iOS provides. Wow.... That jumpsuit is to die for. I have mesh boots to match it, too.

    Mesh boots would definitely be AH-MAZING with that jumpsuit :D *drooling*
    BobbieM wrote: »
    This is an android thing for right now. I wish it was for iOS too.!!

    Hopefully it should be soon! I guess you never know with Glu but they must be working on something. I would assume it's going over well and it needs to hurry and become available for everyone who is interested. *fingers crossed*

    *ANDROID player - PM me to add!
  • AliBryantAliBryant Advanced Member Registered Users 6,141 Posts
    Cilan wrote: »
    The VIP boxes only has cash, energy, and the VIP items. Nothing else. So there are many, many days where the whole palette is only cash and energy. Cash prize ranges from 750 to 2,000 and energy prize ranges from 5 to 15. You can only open 1 box a day. No paying more K-Stars to open extra boxes. They do not count as a regular giftbox, so you get a regular giftbox plus the VIP box daily.

    I FINALLY got the VIP shirt I was chasing for today after getting the shorts a few days before so I will post a screenshot in a bit.

    I'd love to see the shirt and shorts you are talking about!
  • msmojomsmojo New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    I have the VIP on my Galaxy S5. I spend more than 2o.oo a week on Starbucks so 20.00 a month is notning on a game to relax after work. I get 200 plus stars, clothes ect so to me it is worth it.
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