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Hello everyone. I am sorta new to KKH game. I do not know where to post this but I decide to post here since there are more people here. I would like to talk about all the Stardom and I do not want to hear "well there is not much left in the game". I just wanted to know why glu do not update all their stardom like the a-list and hollywood? I do not see nothing wrong with making all the game equal such as in all the game you can get married and have one kid. KKH is a good game but there is still a lot of people who do not like Kim Kardashian and will refuse to play the game. I simply play it because I enjoy making a family but I found this game to be a little bit hard maybe because I am playing it wrong. But I just want to know why there are no update for the older stardom. If this thread get close or deleted then thats ok.
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    Hi. I'm sorry Keia, but this forum is really just the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game. Kim's game is active because it has the backing of a real phenomena, Kim K. As long as she is in the public eye, and promoting the Kardashian Industry, the game will be supported. I've never played Stardom, but I gather there isn't enough interest. If you like stardom, then why not give the more active game a shot?

    But if you want to talk about Stardom, shouldn't you really go to the Stardom forum? A player from one of the battle games would be like a fish out of water in one of the other battle games forums. There's really no place to go with this, so, I'm closing the thread. If you want to talk about the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game then feel free to start a new thread about KK:H.

    Nice to meet you and I really hope you'll give this game a chance. And Welcome.
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