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Hey everyone. I thought it be a good idea to create a tip or advice for people who are starting out or is struggling. I just read that dating a A-list give you benefits which I did not know. I also felt like I should of waited to get marry until I collect a lot of money not for only the wedding but as well going on dates or trying to be #1 in the ranking. If you are trying to reach the top, dating or been married may not help, I lost fan because people did not see me with my hubby which was crazy because I went on like 5 dates or try to go one one date before starting a gig. So any advice or tips about dating or anything that you think that might help people.
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    I never dated an a-lister guy on my game before, but I can give some tips or advice about dating one.

    When you date an a-lister, you can gain more fans quickly since he's already famous.

    When you progressed on your relationship level with an a-lister, you can unlock his mansion located at Calabasas. Plus, you can have access and visit his home whenever you want.

    My advice about dating on this game is to date at least once a day with your spouse. Sometimes I miss the timer if my doll forgot to date her hubby in 9 hrs. If I miss the timer, my doll calls her hubby for a date and starts it immediately. But I usually accept all of the dates though. When you decline too often, your spouse will ask for a breakup. The choice is yours. You can either break up or charm your partner with kstars to stay with you. When you makeup with your partner, it costs more kstars. So try to avoid the dreaded phone call about a breakup.

    The wedding is pretty expensive on this game. I saved up for my doll's wedding so I was basically on a budget which includes the wedding dress and the decorations. If you ever get remarried, my advice is to reuse the decorations from your previous wedding and wear the same wedding dress again haha

    The spouses doesn't even help for the finances for the wedding so why would you waste more money when you're getting remarried again?

    All spouses are usually needy and clingy no matter what they're ranking is. No wonder why some players refuse to date on this game and would rather stay single haha

    Oak Club is highly recommended to date on this game since it takes up less energy to have dates there.

    When there are dating weekend events, I usually take advantage to progress quickly on my relationship level. My doll takes her hubby to Oak Club during dating weekend events since it's easier to get earn able items faster. It's extremely expensive to date there but it's worth it.

    Last but not least, spouses can conceived for free or adopt 1 or 2 babies by paying 160 k-stars at the Love & Hope Adoption center. My doll would rather give birth naturally than adopt. The price of adopting on this game isn't even a reasonable price at all. To conceived a first baby is 12000 points and to hit the maximum level requirement is 15000 points. If you aren't patient at all to date to conceive a child, you can adopt. Or some players can't stand dating on this game, they would rather be a single parent raising kid(s). The choice is yours no matter which one that you choose.

    That's all that I have for now. I hope that you found these tips and my advice helpful.
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