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To all male players of Kim Kardashian Hollywood, post here what you've achieved or share anything. Finally a Male forum for us guys.Keep playing, keep posting!


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    Peter, hi. Can you be more specific in what you're idea is here? Right now we're consolidating fashion threads. If this turns into a what the guys wore thread, it will end up being archived when the new thread rolls out. If however it's for guys to chill and talk ok, but you can't really exclude women. We have chicks here who play with guy games, vice versa I'm sure. So what you can encourage guys playing the game to post in this thread we can't moderate anyone out unless they break the rules and there's never going to be a rule women only or men only.

    phew, now that the formalities are over with I can't wait to see how this turns out. Personally I'll try and stay out of it unless I have to. notice I said try *wink.

    Nice to to see you Peter, you're always dressed really nicely. I have a pic or two of us. I'll post it later in the event thread or. Somewhere. ;)

    Eta: so, the thread can legit be about guys and guy dolls, but if a chick posts in reference to guys, it's ok. sound good?
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