Update 4.2.0 Android wardrobe not updated & Other Issues



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    Ok, we have to get you up and running, before you can see added friends. :) Here's what I found in the Support pages on the main site. https://glumobile.helpshift.com/a/kim-kardashian-hollywood/?p=android&s=troubleshooting&f=how-do-i-prevent-crashing-on-my-android-device-1438384068 See if this helps you at all. :)
    [h=2]How do I prevent crashing on my Android device?[/h] The two most important issues for any game are system resources, and quality of connection.

    Most games tend to be resource-hungry and can crash without enough memory or CPU time. It's best to let the game run exclusively:

    1) Go into your device Settings,
    2) Choose "Applications"
    3) "Manage Applications,"
    4) Tap the "Running" tab
    5) Close running apps

    Then close any apps that aren't essential. (some devices show a "force close" option to use).

    It's also a good idea to power-cycle (restarting) the device from time to time to clear space.

    Make sure also that you have 100 MB of extra free space for caching purposes. Apps needs some space to write and store temporary files. If your device's storage space is nearing full, delete some old unused free apps to get some space.

    Another factor that may affect game stability would be a the quality of the connection. For best results you'll want to always use a reliable WiFi connection rather than 3G or 4G, which can vary quite a bit depending on traffic in your area. Having high "bars" indicates good signal strength but may not reflect actual throughput.

    Even if you have good signal strength showing for your WiFi connection, your bandwidth may be limited if the network is congested (For example, if there are many other users sharing the network and/or others are doing bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming video.)

    There are free bandwidth test apps you can run to check your total throughput. You should have at least 10Mb download and 3Mb upload for the game to run properly.

    One thing definitely to avoid is powering the device off, or removing the battery while the program is running.

    Lastly, if you are a developer running in Developer Mode, return the device to normal mode when playing this game.
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    Yeah I've done all that and it is still crashing for 4 hours... I've had this happen before many times and I guess when you complete tasks too fast or do too much at one time it starts crashing and a cool-down period happens then in a day or so it stops crashing and you can gradually start back working.
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    Ok, I misunderstood. Didn't realize this happens all the time. You have more patience than I do. If my device goes out for a short time I ready to pull my hair out. Hope you enjoyed most of the weekend. Kool that phone down. :)
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