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Hello, I was just curious if the Kims pick for the weekend event was gone already? The red/black lace skirt top combo and 60 k stars. I went to look for it to purchase and I cannot seem to find the pop up in my game anymore. Will someone let me know if that offer is gone already? Thank you!

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    I believe it's there for the duration of the event. However, if you try it cannot be accessed while you are actively in a gig. I was in a photoshoot in one of my games, and the offer disappeared when I said to buy it. It was one of the long 24 hour gigs. But when I finally finished and left the gig, the offer appeared again, and I was able to purchase it.

    If you are not in the middle of a gig, then just shut down, open up again, and move around a little. Sometimes the Announcement bullhorns disappear, and when you reopen it comes back. Otherwise, submit a ticket to customer care. If won't get you the dress and stars, but they'll look into it for you and try to help in some way. But I really hope it becomes available again. *Fingers crossed
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    Thank you for your helpful reply!! It did end up becoming available! Yay! :) I may have been in a gig how you explained. All good now!

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