No jobs.

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All my jobs are complete. And it's like 6+ hours till the next job so I'm wasting all this time not earning K Stars. Ugh. So frustrating!!
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    Ok, I believe you have an open gig waiting for you. Probably a side gig, once you begin they disappear from your screen. Believe 99.99% of the time this is the answer.

    Glu says:
    Simon may stop calling if he has already assigned you a non-quest related project. You should have a project listed in your To-Do List (left side of screen), and there should be an open studio location waiting for you.

    If you are not receiving calls, please be sure to be connected to a reliable WiFi connection, and also check all of the restaurants and studios in game. Sometimes if you accept an offer from Simon while in the middle of completing another task, you may have forgotten about the job you accepted from Simon already. The job won't show in your task list if it wasn't part of the main story-line, but it will delay calls until it is completed. Please be sure you don't have any open jobs and check your connection again.

    Me again - I know it's tedius, but you have to travel the game globe, and investigate every place you could have a job. Don't forget Malibu, the photo studio, and Tavyn. (I always miss Tavyn) Good luck. Fingers crossed you find it soon. ;)
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