Looking for a HUSBAND!

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I am looking for a spouse. I accidentally deleted my spouse that I'd spent LOADS on and because he was a NPC there is nothing I can do to get him back :(

No use in crying over spilled milk. I'm a momma of 1 with a daughter Annabelle. If you are on iOS and would like a wife add me!!

Game Center: Bobbie629

In your comments write KKH Spouse so I know! THANKS!
Brooklyn (GC is Bobbie629) • A+++ Player!
• Married to Jackson White (GC is MomBLuz6) • Comeback #1
• Daily player for Kim Kardashian Hollywood
• iOS Player Only • Mommy to Baby Annabelle & Elijah!
Please excuse the type-o's.. I'm on my phone and it doesn't like to write what I'm typing!
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