Are you getting daily boxes (or holiday boxes)? If not, please read!

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I haven't gotten daily boxes from a while but I am noticing in the threads there are others that are also not getting daily boxes. I wonder if there is something that we all have in common that maybe will help Glu when it comes to solving our problem. I'm also curious how many people are having this problem.

Maybe we can all leave this info:
• How long has this been happening?
• Did you notice it happened after an update?
• Do you get the holiday boxes but not daily boxes?
• Do you get the daily boxes but not the holiday boxes?
• Have you noticed any other kind of glitches?
• What have you tried to do to resolve it?
• Have you reported it to Glu?
• What device are you using?
• What version of the game are you playing?
• Is your device up to date with carrier and/or software updates?

Here's my situation:
• It's been going on for about a month, maybe even longer.
• I don't get any boxes, holiday or daily. I did get one daily box randomly a week ago, but nothing more since.
• I don't have any other glitches that I am aware of. The rest of the items are working fine.
• I contacted Glu, ran SpeedTests & they are coming back great so my connections are all okay; both over WiFi & my service provider (Verizon).
• I am using an iPhone 6S Plus (I also play on an OLD android & there are no problems with that device).
• The version of the game I am playing is v4.4.0.
• My device just had a carrier update that I completed. The software is up to date running 9.2.

If there is anything else I forgot to mention, please include that!! I want to see how widespread the problem is so that we can help Glu resolve it! Thank you all so much!! Happy Holidays!!
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