Is there ANYWAY to gift the jet?

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I really am trying so hard. These weekend events are killing me. Then I have 0 Kash from traveling everywhere getting tapables. I've watched and done ever single K Star offer that I can possibly do, but I cannot build up enough to get the Jet to get rid of the plane fees so I can get tapables. Just wondering if the jet can be gifted at all or in any way.
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    I'm very sorry, but the only giftable items are clothes, shoes and hair, no stars, no homes, no pets, no wedding clothes, no vehicles, no furniture. If you can't wear it, you absolutely can't gift it. And if you can wear it, there is a chance it can be gifted.

    I'm sorry this is being so hard for you. Just recently, the game included new items in the wardrobe that could be gifted, after many updates with nothing giftable. That was primarily done because of rampant cheating, and people playing with hacked unlimited resources. Glu has effectively stopped these hacked games for the most part, and thus, the people gifting are under the same circumstances as people receiving gifts.

    But the only way to obtain any of those things not in the wardrobe as giftable, is under your own steam. If you purchase the Star pack for 10.00$ (9.95?) that will give you 105 Stars, so if you have 15, buying the 105 Star pack will get you the Jet.

    Since this point is moot,no one can gift you the jet, I have to close this.

    And, in another question you asked, nothing can go cross platform. So if your old device is getting a gift box item, that game is where the item has to stay. Each platform is effectively in it's own Universe. I'm sorry. :(
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