Weekend giftbox frustration

RumpelstilzchenRumpelstilzchen Registered Users 1,599 Posts
I tried to get that cute dress, but always managed to open the wrong giftbox. 50 energy bolts for 40 k-stars? The bikini from the daily giftbox? 4000$? Don't think I will spend another k-star on those boxes ever again. Energy bolts??? Seriously?


  • hoodstar9hoodstar9 Registered Users, Banned Users 424 Posts
    That is why there is 1. A Petition and 2. A Complaint thread.
  • TwiztidroseTwiztidrose Registered Users 423 Posts
    Yup. Be sure to add your name to the petition hoodstar linked you to. Although I don't know if it will do any good at this point. I really don't think they care what we think!! Basically the gift boxes are "play at your own risk", and the reward sometimes never comes. But sometimes you get lucky.

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  • RumpelstilzchenRumpelstilzchen Registered Users 1,599 Posts
    Thanks for the kind welcome :) Will add my name to the petition, but also don't think that will help. I heard the game didn't make the expected amount of money lately...
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