Should I go +

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I'm kind of hesitant to go + because the last time I did it it took me sooo long that I eventually quit because it wasn't fun anymore 😫


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    Well, I did my first comeback about a two months ago and I'm still sitting around #140 on the list, but that is b/c I barley did any of the storylines and stuck with doing events, and I'm not playing as much as I use to. Getting from E to A list is easy and won't take long. It's making it back to #1 from there that is the hardest. For you I would say if you think getting a new outfit and 3+ energy is worth starting over then do it, and I have heard from other people who done all three comebacks that sitting at the top could eventually get boring and they wish that they could do it again. So maybe doing a comeback may make more interesting for you.
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    I did all three, it took me forever to get to #1 the last time.
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    The extra energy you get from the comebacks is worth it, especially when it comes to events where you need to grind.

    I feel once you hit A list again that's where it gets hard to get to #1. Just because fan counts can jump 40 million from one person to the next. I got to a point where I stopped caring so much about fans and just focused on the goals I wanted to accomplish, like earning enough money to buy more houses and dating to get babies. If you focus on something like that rather than trying to get to the top it makes it less frustrating and before you know it you'll be at the top again.
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