Weekend Event 8/5/16-VIP Weekend! Can you put a price on Love? ~ Oh yes we Can!



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    Andrzej_S. wrote: »
    Enjoy it! The only thing you really need to do is take Bort out on a date maybe once a day since I didn't go for the boxes during the week days and my husband threatened divorce & things 'not working' and it cost me 10 k-stars to keep him.

    Thanks for the tip buddy, I always take care of Vats' love life!
    isabeau wrote: »
    You know what, Vats? I didn't care about getting any K-stars myself; so no grind for me either. The VIP events are boring. The storylines have been super bad for months. This weekend's "earnables-that-we-have-to-pay-for," and the gift boxes all have such unpleasant things--I will say I did end up with a few things from purchases I was going to make anyway. The necklace--I did open a few boxes--habit tho--might be ok, haven't tried it yet, nor the earnables shoes...and I got the hairstyle; it looks so terrible on my doll, what a waste of 40 stars! I wish I could just delete it from my wardrobe. It would've probably been wiser for Glu to just sell it in the hairstyles section of our wardrobe. So yeah, not so K-star crazy that I'll spend a weekend foaming at the mouth for them. I know some people rely a lot on the VIPs for them, so that's good. But no matter how many or how few stars I might have at any given time, I never chase VIP weekend stars. This event is for Glu, not for us, you know? Oh! I'm so glad you had so much Pokemon Go fun with your mom. After all, you *do* live in Pallett Town.

    Aw thanks isabeau, that was really sweet! I agree so much about the storylines and that's a shame cause for me at least 'enter' into a character is the part that I most love about gaming (RPG games always were my fave, so nerdy I know!).

    I wish I could remove things from my wardrobe too, have so many useless brown stuff there. And that's nice you can just pass the VIP events without to grind, as you said I'm one that always relied on them to get more stuff (the k-stars currency here is absurd), however I feel that now I'm on a comfortable situation and since I just buy what I really want to have, rarely chase things in the boxes and at every update guys get less new items, I can allow myself to take a break and let the 'grind fun' to the new players!:D
    Viva La Vida Á La Vats!
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