Warning regarding people buying/selling progress

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Hi. Ticisss posted this cautionary info, right now regarding the K&K Games, but it's good to be alert and aware, especially if the practice begins with KK:H as well.

Ticisss wrote:
[h=3]Please don't buy any KKG progress![/h]
Hey guys, that's the warning: don't buy any KKG progress. There's this girl (boy) on instagram selling a hac**d KKG progress, but I think everyone here know that 2 or more people can't play the same game. So she's taking money from people with an ilegal and glitched game. And she's also selling other two more games. Seriously, the account looks like a store lol
Can someone do something about it? Her/his username is XXXXXXXX
She/he probably will delete the photos, but I can screenshoot it.


If you're approached by anyone with shady deals like this, please copy the info and send it to me, or Kalinda.
I had to alter this slightly...we can't list the name in the public forum, but I am notifying Kalinda.

Remember that any kind of cheating is prohibited, and while this particular case is for K&K, but who knows, tomorrow it could be KK:H.
If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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