Everly Rook's Wedding Extravaganza!

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This is Everly's third marriage, and she'd like to invite all her forum friends! You are invited to all 3 wedding events, but since I realize you are all busy superstars, feel free to come to just one or two, whatever you'd like! Dolls of any gender are welcome at all three events, and feel free to bring a friend or S.O.!

  • Bridal shower: Everly's new in-laws will be attending, so dress in your prim & proper style
  • Bachelorette party: c0cktail party style! We'll be partying into the night!
  • Wedding: It's a formal event, so dress to impress!

Please feel free to use whichever backgrounds you prefer. Hope you can attend!
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  • haftimehaftime Registered Users 970 Posts
    Here is Everly dressed for her Bridal Shower. She's hoping to impress the in-laws with her ladylike look!


    Here is Everly glammed up for a night on the town for her Bachelorette Party. Watch out dance floors, here she comes!


    Finally, here she is ready for her wedding!8V3pb9k.jpg
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  • LiiLii Registered Users 736 Posts
    However fun, I love the different themes! I'll sit down and figure out my dolls looks tomorrow morning while I wait for the event to start :)
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  • Camila[Black]Camila[Black] Registered Users 345 Posts
    Save me a seat! I'm posting my looks later :D I love this events on the forum!
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  • KatePillgrimKatePillgrim Registered Users 884 Posts
    So honored to be invited to all of the events! Here's the present for the newlyweds. May their marriage be a happy one!
    Since M is recently divorced, she came alone being single and ready to mingle (or whatever it is...).

    Here's an elegant look for the Bridal Shower:


    And this is what she picked for the Bachelorette Party:

    Risky, but appropriate for the occasion.

    Remembering the golden rule "Don't wear white to a Wedding if you are not the bride!", M picked this pink fun dress:


    Waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive now!
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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,113 Posts
    Mine will be there, being 3 they have to cordinate. (thats just an excuse to spend more time in the closet. ;0. congratulations evenly. ;)
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    Lii, Camila, and Koko, thank you for your RSVPs! Looking forward to seeing your dolls!

    , M looks fantastic! Thank you for the watches, too! I love that M is wearing the heart ring to the wedding, too-- maybe she'll find a new love at one of the parties!
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  • JulesmoJulesmo Registered Users 640 Posts
    Just took pics of all my looks, now to upload. I don't do it often so it always takes me awhile. This was a fun one!
  • RumpelstilzchenRumpelstilzchen Registered Users 1,599 Posts
    Thank you so much for the invitation!
    Who's the lucky groom? I'd like to have a word with him lol. He better treats you like a queen!
    My doll brought baby Luke:
    Everly knows how to party! This is going to be a long night..
    Best wishes & may your love maximize!
  • Camila[Black]Camila[Black] Registered Users 345 Posts
    My doll has run like a mad woman to make it on time!
    Congrats to Everly and... the lucky guy!!! Who cares about his name it's her special day after all lol :D
    She looks great for all the events but she looks especially radiant in her beautiful wedding dress! <3

    Here are my dolls outfits for the occasion:

    Bridal Shower

    Bachelorette Party

    The Wedding

    Cheers for a good time guys! :)
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  • unique123unique123 Registered Users 291 Posts
    CONGRATULATIONS on your big day miss Everly! :D

    Unique almost showed up to your bridal shower in some leopard print but decided to get her pearls out instead for those in laws! Have to impress!!

    And Oh Boy! You better be prepared for your bachelorette party and plan on a couple days of recovery! Unique is already getting crazy and you bet she has some fun bachelorette goodies stashed in her massive bag for everyone ;)


    And Unique is finally recovered from her hangover and ready for the big event!! <3 You make a stunning bride Everly!

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  • LindaVBLindaVB Registered Users, Moderators 7,454 Posts
    Yay congratulations, hun, on your engagement!!

    Meeting the inlaws can be stressful enough, so my doll dressed to the occasion!

    But for the bachelorette party all bets were off. My doll is ready to party all night long!

    And then the big day was finally here, you looked stunning, Everly! My doll went for purple and was blessed to have witnessed the breathtaking ceremony!!
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  • maxrockatanskymaxrockatansky Registered Users 578 Posts
    A little late, but here's Sky! Congrats, Everly! You look stunning.

  • LiiLii Registered Users 736 Posts
    After staring at her closet for too long Lala finally settled on three outfits:


    Congrats Everly!
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  • Sil5678Sil5678 Registered Users 389 Posts
    Congratulations Everly!
    My doll for the weeding wants to follow one simple rule: don't wear anything black, red or white.
    For the Bridal Shower, where there are also the in laws, she decides to wear a low-key outfit

    Then there is the Bachelerotte party! She is going more chic than comfy for dancing, so maybe she will have heel pain during the night, but anything for a party!

    For the wedding she is bright in a sparkly pink dress
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  • AngelineJAngelineJ Registered Users 1,511 Posts
    Congratulations Everly! Here comes Angeline & Jon @ their new friend (in the game)'s wedding.


    We also brought some wedding gifts for you. Hope you will like them! :p

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  • haftimehaftime Registered Users 970 Posts
    Oh my goodness! I am loving everyone's pics! It's really astonishing to me to see the transformations in everyone's doll, when they go from proper, to party, to formal! I wish I could go shopping in some of your closets!

    -- Luke is so sweet! He can play with Everly's two boys-- they can be their own little 'krew!'

    Cam-- don't worry, I'll include a pic from the wedding of Everly's new husband! His name is Jose Fox, and he's a podiatrist. He's on the E-list, but it doesn't matter, because he gives amazing foot rubs!

    -- Pearls was a great idea! I should have thought of that! I think you may have the biggest contrast between your bridal shower and bachelorette looks-- what a chameleon!

    Wow I want that purple dress! Stunning!

    Max-- I don't think I've told you yet, but Skylar's freckles are so great!

    Lii-- Lala looks like Grace Kelly in that floral dress! Gorg!

    Sil-- That pink sparkly dress is fantastic. I want it!

    Angeline-- Angeline & Jon look great together, as usual. At first I thought Jon's pocket square was a dollar bill! ;) And then I saw those gifts! Wow! I'm sure Jose won't mind if Everly spends it mostly on herself. :)
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  • VatsVats Registered Users 4,773 Posts
    Yay three is a charm! Congrats Everly! Where's and who is the groom haftime?!

    Vats dressed for the 3 occasions:
    Viva La Vida Á La Vats!
  • CharliCharli Registered Users 1,670 Posts
    Congratulations, Everly and Jose! Waiting for the ceremony pictures, too. :o

    Angel couldn't make it to the rest of the events, she's working on her upcoming project.

    The account says Charli, but my name's Bilal.

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  • ldavis1636ldavis1636 Registered Users 286 Posts
    Laura Naomi ready for the festivities!
    She is always ready for a night on the town and didn't bring a purse cause she tends to lose them. :o
    Hey, I'm Laura!

    iOS player, would love to add any of you on Facebook!
  • NQueen331NQueen331 Registered Users 577 Posts
    Congratulations Everly!!!

    Everyone should know that Neko loves to attend weddings and this time she brought a guess. I'm not sure if men attend bridal showers since I never been to one, but I'm assuming if Everly's in-laws are husband and wife and the father-in-law is there then it's okay. Otherwise, we'll just pretend that Max dropped off Neko, took a quick pic before leaving, and attended whatever is the opposite of a bridal shower for the guys. The bachelorette party could not have come sooner. Anything to have an excuse to dress in tight leather outfit and party the nigh away. Max went off to the bachelor party and hopefully he doesn't touch the strippers as much as Neko did. Finally, the big day has arrived with Neko wearing an inappropriate dress showing massive amounts of cleavage which is why she's trying to cover herself in the picture. She should have worn a shawl but Max seems to like it. Although I'm impressed that she pulled off the photo. You can't even tell she's hangover from the night before. I wish Everly all the best and they say that the third time's a charm! :)

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  • katiealexandraakatiealexandraa Registered Users 1,171 Posts
    I hope I'm not too late for the party!

    I actually put these looks together a couple of nights ago, but I was too tired to post them. I was careful to not pick any dresses that other users had (more of a challenge that way), but when I came back, I saw that Lii had picked the same dress for the bridal shower in the meantime (your doll looks great!). I ended up changing it, and I'm happy with how my second choice turned out!

    The bridal shower:


    The bachelorette party:


    The wedding:

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  • haftimehaftime Registered Users 970 Posts
    I feel so lucky to have so many lovely guests at these wedding parties!

    Vats-- you show up at the parties lookin' that fine and you want to know the groom's name? Everly will forget his name when you walk in! ;)

    -- I LOVE what you're wearing to the Bachelorette Party! Hilarious.

    LDavis-- Laura Naomi looks gorg. I really want that red jumpsuit!

    -- Have I told you yet how much I love Neko in that hair? Ah-maz-ing! That leather dress is perfect, and I want those black strappy shoes in Everly's closet right now!

    -- Not late at all! I don't see why people can't continue to join in! I do that too with these threads, where I try to find new items that haven't been used. You picked great ones! The detail on the floral dress is really amazing; I've never seen such a good picture of it before.


    Here's a picture of Jose and Everly at the reception. She slipped into the romper after the ceremony.

    Please ignore the inappropriateness & mismatching-ness of Jose's shoes-- as a podiatrist, he's very picky about his shoes, and he insisted! Everly figured it could be her "something blue" and let it slide. :)
    My doll's name is Everly Rook, I play on iOS, and I'm on FB at facebook.com/everly.rook. 
  • SapphoSappho Registered Users 284 Posts
    Congratulations to the happy couple! :D

    Here are my looks:


    Having chosen a simple yet elegant ensemble for the bridal shower, my doll decided to let loose with crazy wigs and color contacts for the bachelorette party! For the actual wedding she briefly considered a bright orange dress before eventually deciding on a timeless black. What can I say, she loves her colors. :)
    I finally made my iOS doll a Facebook account so it's now possible to add me! :)
    Weird Al is life. <3
  • haftimehaftime Registered Users 970 Posts
    Sappho, I love your idea of a fun hair color for the bachelorette party! If not at a wild party, when else is the perfect time for wild hair? Also, that SMC hair in the last pic looks super amazing on your doll-- really suits her!
    My doll's name is Everly Rook, I play on iOS, and I'm on FB at facebook.com/everly.rook. 
  • SassyVoguetteSassyVoguette Registered Users 1,510 Posts
    Congrats haftime :)

    Sassy will be here soon with her looks xx
    Vats has my heart. Forever. 💕

  • SassyVoguetteSassyVoguette Registered Users 1,510 Posts
    Here are Sassy's looks for Everly's wedding ☺️

    Vats has my heart. Forever. 💕

  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,113 Posts
    Not too late for the triplets? They've been slow because I caught my winter flu. They're dressing now. :). The girls were crazy yesterday. Apple eloped with...an NPC after 5 dates yesterday. They were married within an hour after the event began. So the twins had to thwart Noah's attempt to trademark the Noah Kokonut name. I don't see this ending well. So. Give us a few minutes, and they'll be here ready to party.
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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,113 Posts
    Here are the twins....ready to party and celebrate.
    All nice and demure for the Bridal Shower. Wishing Everyly all the best.

    Here they are for the bachelorette party, Kat is definitely indognito - She and Z have been partying with champagne since the Party Bus driver picked them up. Right here she's praying Vatsy doesn't see the pap pictures! Girl likes her Wallbangers.


    And, they clean up well....all set for the big day.

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  • SugarKSugarK Registered Users 1,783 Posts
    Haftime, sorry I'm late to post. Thought I'd get here before Koko did :p LOL!
    Regardless, congrats on your wedding and heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Kiki!!

    Bridal Shower


    Bachelorette Party :cool:



  • NaimonsterNaimonster Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    Sorry I'm late! Congrats Everly! :o

    Bridal Shower, we're on our best behavior!


    Bachelorette party! Badas/s mode on!


    All glammed up for the wedding! Cute little Everly photobombing! :p

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