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Right now, I have my game backed up in iCloud. Now, I'm not planning on getting a new phone just yet but I like to be prepared for this transfer situation I might have to do once I decide to change my phone. Now, my question is: Is there a document here with screenshots that can help me find out if I do have my game correctly saved? Right now, I think I do. When I go into my iCloud account and into the management area I do see that under Documents, the app Kim Kardashian Hollywood is right now. Does this mean it is correctly saved? Is there another way of doing it? I just want to be extra sure that my game is saved.

I did the last backup a couple of days ago (just in my phone, I haven't done anything in iTunes yet because I don't really know how to do it) and I'm planning on doing it one more time in a couple of weeks so I can have the most recently documents saved. I do this by getting into my account, my iPhone (previously, I checked that the things I want saved in my iCloud are correctly marked: Contacts, Game Center and the Kim Kardashian App, due to space I don't save my pictures this way, just those three things and I do this by getting into my account > iCloud and checking that everything I want is on the green switch side) then, I go back into my account > my iPhone > I confirm my password > I answer the two security questions and Verify them > I tap where it says "iCloud Backup", activate it and do my Backup. Once it's done, I deactivated just because I don't really want my phone doing it on daily basis but when I activated again I see that the last time I did the backup is the correct one) and this is pretty much all I do right now. Is this correct? I hope I made myself clear or if you need some screenshots I can do this too.

To be honest, I just want to be sure that my game is saved because I do have spent time and money on it and I love to play it, too :o so I just want to be extra, extra sure that I will have my game once I change my phone (which is not really in the near future, but I'm one of those persons that always have to have everything planned ahead of time, haha.)

Thank you so much!
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