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Hi everyone. I been on here before a long time ago and decide to reply this game again. My sister decided to play as well. So we both sign into Facebook to be friend. Instead of been network, I am dating my sister. I think it started when I gift her
I dont want to date my sister. I tired breaking up and calling her at a gig and she didn't show up on my list of people to call. So I spent 8 stars to makeup with her. And I don't get any benefits for working with her because I am dating her. How do I fix it?
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    I'm very sorry, but that happened to my two games. There is no way to switch it to be professional contacts again.
    your cchoices are to either
    • just play with your sisters doll during parties, but if you start to date her, even one date and then if you 'break up' you won't be able to play with her at all.

    • Date and eventually 'marry' your sister. This is what I did. I think of my Androids as sisters who share homes.

    She is your sister after all, it's the best way to make up for an error like that.

    a third option, would be for you or both of you to Start over with a new game, but I'm not sure exactly how that would work. Honestly, my advice would be to look at it like you and she share homes, And then you can still have a relationship in the game.
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