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In order to make your searching easier, we've linked all the current Reference threads here for your convenience. These are works in progress for you, but unless you are an active contributor to a thread, we ask you don't post there. If you'd like to become a contributor, please pm me. :) Hope this helps, and Huge Huge Props and Much Thanks <3 to the our
Thread Starters & Contributors.
Weekend Events * TBs * & Updates*
KK:H Event Items Encyclopedia - Game Timeline with Pictures, a chronicle of events and updates.
Female Throwback Items - Listing of all Female TB items as they become available .
Male Throwback Items - Listing of all Male TB items as they become available .
Event History Listing Text listing of Weekend and Special Events , for those who want to skip the pictures.
Update Guide - Listing of Update Specifics (does not include clothes)
Game Locations* Homes* Pets* & Business Opportunities
KK:H Building Locations
KK:H Houses & Pets
KK:H Business Opportunities
Location of Tappables - (needs new contributor....any takers?)

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