Holiday gift boxes - 2017!



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    i got the uggs. yesterday i got that green onesie but i missed it lmao.
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  • SugarKSugarK Registered Users 1,782 Posts
    Congrats to everyone finding items in their pallets!! I still have no items showing :|
  • AListJaceyAListJacey Registered Users 473 Posts
    Trying to get into the Christmas spirit even without a single Christmas item to wear like

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  • LindaVBLindaVB Registered Users 7,075 Posts
    I have no idea how this happened, but I won the Christmas pj’s yesterday!! So happy!!

    It was the only Christmas item in there:

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  • LindaVBLindaVB Registered Users 7,075 Posts
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    Congrats on getting that sweater @klena! I love how the lights on the sweater is animated!

    @Johana lucky picks, congrats doll!! Love that combo!

    Ooooooh @haftime, our dolls look so great!! Congrats on getting the boots!

    @egg happy you finally got an item!! For me it really took the pressure of a little. 

    Sending positive vibes to everyone who has not gotten or has not even seen an item!!
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  • JohanaJohana Registered Users 520 Posts
    Thanks @LindaVB ♥ and good luck dolls!
  • klenaklena Registered Users 679 Posts
    Thank you @LindaVB ❤️
    Got lucky today too & managed to pick the boots to match. Yay! *happy dance*
    Congrats to everyone who managed to snag an item & best of luck vibes to anyone who’s still waiting.

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  • Andrzej_S.Andrzej_S. Registered Users 1,194 Posts
    Missed a day's box - I'll elaborate in the weekday thread but finally something again:

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  • Happy15Happy15 Registered Users 184 Posts
    edited December 2017

    Edit by Koko: I removed nene's gif. If we can't say it, neither can our pictures. Thanks for understanding, but yeah, that was a disappointing palette.

  • kate_kkhkate_kkh Registered Users 172 Posts
    edited December 2017
    Finally!!! ???

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  • HollySiskHollySisk Registered Users 3,445 Posts
    Another day, another pallette with no Christmas.

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  • KatinkaeKatinkae Registered Users 845 Posts
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    I have seen two christmasitems in my palettes, and BOTH times i picked them ? Antlers and the red boots! So surprised in my luck this week
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  • soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    No items in my palette again today. How many days has this been going on now? And I've only seen an item ONCE. This is ridiculous. FIT IT GLU!!! Please.
  • YesWeJennYesWeJenn Registered Users 102 Posts
    No sign of anything Christmassy for me either.  :(
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  • RumpelstilzchenRumpelstilzchen Registered Users 1,599 Posts

  • NaimonsterNaimonster Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    1 week and I'm just getting tiles, energy and kash.

    What Christmas items? I haven't seen one. Not even one.
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  • ladykrystalladykrystal Registered Users 498 Posts

    I finally picked a Christmas item after seven days. 
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  • AdrieAdrie Registered Users 249 Posts
    Finally I gave in the correct box, I hope I can have the hair and the pajamas soon❤️
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  • AngelineJAngelineJ Registered Users 1,511 Posts
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    The first day Jon’s game had a Christmas item in the palette and he got it plus 12 KStars!! ... although it’s another pair of pants that are too short. ? I want to buy Jon the pop up store pajamas so I’m really hoping that Angeline can be lucky and pick the pajamas and the antlers hair soon to match Jon’s ... the hair hasn’t showed up yet. Please ... Glu god ~~ please listen to my prayers ? Good luck, everyone!

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  • PezPez Registered Users 397 Posts
    Number of holiday items in my daily palette so far:

    Day 1: 0
    Day 2: 1 (pajamas, missed them)
    Day 3: 1 (Ugg boots, won them)
    Day 4: 0
    Day 5: 0
    Day 6: 0
    Day 7: 0
    Day 8: 0

    I don't have all of the previous years' items, either -- I know I'm missing the 2016 hair, which is a bummer.
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  • judithkkhjudithkkh Registered Users 1,699 Posts
    No Holiday items today, didn't get and didn't have any either ): ?
  • SugarKSugarK Registered Users 1,782 Posts
    edited December 2017
    Just opened another "non-holiday" daily gift box. That's right, zero items :/

  • KaylaJKaylaJ Registered Users 2,954 Posts
    Least amount of kash, least amount of energy, no bronze tiles for the 3rd day in a row or Holiday gifts since I won the boots
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  • sandraaaay_sandraaaay_ Registered Users 27 Posts
    So after about a whole week of not having anything but kash and energy in my boxes I FINALLY had two Christmas items in my daily GB! ?? & Luckily I picked out the right boxes and got them both? I'M SCREAMING. Throwing Christmas dust your way dolls❄️✨✨

  • astrayastray Registered Users 1,538 Posts
    I'm too scared to open mine lol
  • AListJaceyAListJacey Registered Users 473 Posts
    edited December 2017
    Don’t get me wrong, super grateful for the K stars, but it’s getting more and more disheartening as time goes on ?

    Not the mention the only other way I could get Christmas clothing is to spend hundreds of K stars in the pop up or 750 k stars in a kollection. There’s no affordable way to get holiday clothing unless you get lucky in the dailies or just happen to have clothes from last year ? would it have been too much to have some in the closet to buy in the featured section, jeez. It’s not like VIPs got a storyline or anything this month so.... could’ve been the least they could do ??‍♀️
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  • Chelsea.Chelsea. Registered Users 526 Posts
    The ice-skates were in my pallet and did I pick them? Noooo, of course I didn't *Facepalm* Glu, y'all really to change the odds man...This is really annoying.
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  • NaimonsterNaimonster Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    Ok, congrats you guys.

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  • klenaklena Registered Users 679 Posts
    Oh well, can’t ice skate anyway. I’m the one always falling over & trying to get back up.
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  • OhemilieOhemilie Registered Users 941 Posts
    nothing  :'(:(:s
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