KK:H Weekday Event 1/29/18 Another Wonderful Weekday Tap Fest



  • KaylaJKaylaJ Senior Member Registered Users 2,866 Posts

    Ok, but I would've loved to have the angry shoes or the dress right beside them
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    let me know and i'll approve quicker!

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  • GabebotGabebot Registered Users 285 Posts
    i just got this fabulous dress in the black box I love it it goes well with this outfit 😍
  • xxTrinePrincessxxxxTrinePrincessxx Experienced Member Registered Users 157 Posts
    Love this laceblouse from the TB box😍

    That dress is gorgeous @Gabebot! 💞
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  • LindaVBLindaVB Senior Member Registered Users 5,493 Posts

    Looking ahead to the weekend, girls can get new dresses and everyone can get new hair and accessories!

    Ooooooh I love these hints!!! Can't wait to see the spoilers!!
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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 26,027 Posts
    I am number 5 with An Apple A Day, I am so close to a number 1 tv show. Maybe by Mothers Day? Lol I'm wondering if we can rent out our other homes in the states. Bel Air is all I need. I am just so in love with the house. and doing reality shows there, OMG, I could LIVE there. But my style is wonky. I'm a chic/modern combo. I love all the girly touches of chic....the white lights in the dining room, but the modern of the mirror (modern drapes) But is that the most fun place to decorate? I wish we could see all the pieces together while we decide. It's hard to buy one object in order to see it placed with another. But after this week, I'm a little tired of Reality shows.
    Anyway, good morning dolls. Who needs grinding inspiration? How about a little morning mousic provided by someone else? otherwise I'll pop some eclectic thing with a good beat lol.
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  • KeiaKeia Experienced Member Registered Users 423 Posts
    Well I finish. Been busy with school and homework. The dress is ok

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  • GabebotGabebot Registered Users 285 Posts
    Love this laceblouse from the TB box😍

    That dress is gorgeous @Gabebot! 💞
    Thanks @xxTrinePrincessxx you look business chic I love it 😊
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