KK:H WeekEnd Event -6/29/18 Hair and Shoes & Something in Between



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    I play on iOS
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    I've been busy so I was lucky to finish, thankfully it was a Roll The Cameras (whew)

    But why now that I'm finished is my Rapid Recharge back? It keeps coming and going and usually there when I'm ready for bed
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    let me know and i'll approve quicker!

    2020 Graduate of Clown College
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    Hey @HollySisk ! We look gorgeous! Thanks xx
    Began an iOS game and need friends!
    Also deleted old Facebook account. Please refriend me if you play iOS.
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    Made another collage styling the shoes, the dress and the hair. I find the dress quite hard to style! I also thought I didn't like the hair but I do like it now that I see it on my doll with this look (:

    Edit: gee I keep accidentally posting this in the event thread instead of the weekend fashion thread! Well Ill try again next weekend lol

    Add me on Facebook! Username is September Ray, I play on android.

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