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    I haven't been visitng the forums as often as I used to for a variety of reasons, but i was wondering if any info has been shared about these Kim K Shoes?

    I bought the entire Kim Kollection but the shoes were not included.  They're gorgeous.

    Has anything been said about these shoes coming to the game for purchase?  Perhaps for 9.2?

    I know @KalindaKing drops gems all the time but since i havent logged on here much i may have missed some details.

    Hope everyone has a great week and successful VIP weekend <3

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    @KardashianBeauty I agree with you because the other Kim kollection came with all 4 items and why we didn't get those white heels I'm not sure 3 items that's not fair
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    I found that odd too @Candyfloss_kkh

    The new SMC also didn't come with the shoes Kim wore with the outfit:

    I hope the two Kim K shoes they didnt include find their way into our wardrobes for purchase.  I think they are both gorgeous and was excited to get them.  The new outfits dont feel as complete without them lol but maybe @KalindaKing can shed some info on that.

    Very excited for this 9.2 update and the rooftop patio tho!!!!  I hope we get to go on dates there!!!  Seems so romantic 
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    Ok, i moved these poists heres because it concerns things that have already happended. After lastt month, were keeping the Update thread a happy place.
    As server the shoes...the SMC and Kollections all clearly dho w what us included and what is not. I don't think you're getting shoes dolls. I can probably find the little preview box showing all for the SMC & you'll see they aren't included :/

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