KK:H WeekDay Event - 10/22/18 Birthday's Done Onward to the Holidays!



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    OhemilieOhemilie Registered Users 941 Posts
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    I have put massive effort into every one of my looks and submitted looks every 12 hours and I’m still no where near the hair, might just scrape the last stars if my looks do well but it’s unlikely. There are so many things I love about this event but knowing I can’t finish it without paying real money isn’t one of them! I don’t think it’s fair to expect players to pay to complete BUT being generous I’m going to think that maybe glu didn’t do the maths right when working out times, average points etc and next time will make it achievable to finish. I think most of the issues could be fixed by incentivising the voting; pointless kash doesn’t cut it as you can’t buy anything with it so after the initial hype and fun of voting it has inevitably fizzled our meaning fewer points for players looks, less chance of meeting prize requirements; make the voting worth it and we’d probably all be happy to vote! 
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    Chelsea123Chelsea123 Registered Users 1,802 Posts
    Got the eyes, I am now almost at the cash. In 6 hours I can submit 2 new looks. In the beginning I bought 2 extra tickets. You really need to spend real money if you want to finish the event. So maybe they can lower the points if they want it to work? 

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    TrashleyKKHTrashleyKKH Registered Users, Member 4,516 Posts
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    I finish the event @1073 votes and most of my looks average around 40 with a few low 30. 

    Actually I do like the format of the voting event granted it have a few major hiccups. The voting period  either need to be longer than 7 days or shorter waiting times or more tickets. 


    I have no idea why suddenly a few more votes came in by “Yay for the extra k-stars. But gahhh now I have that so far yet so close kinda” feels. Maybe those a few votes away can try closing the app and reopening it. 
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    KoakumaKoakuma Registered Users 791 Posts
    Aww man I'm pretty sure I forgot to submit looks yesterday 😭 I'm gonna make it to the energy and that's that. If I was really close to the hair I would have gotten tickets but since I missed some submissions I'll still need way too much
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    mikaylachimomikaylachimo Registered Users 2,937 Posts
    I’ll be able to submit two more looks in a few hours, so I will definitely get the energy, but that’s as far as I’ll make it. I haven’t bought any tickets and don’t plan to.

    I’ve been pretty good at submitting on the dot every 12 hours too. My worst look scored 23 and my best I had quite a few that all got 45, but the majority of my looks scored high 30s (in the beginning they all were getting low 40s and then it dropped off no matter what I submitted).

    final thoughts:
    I really liked the prizes along the way in this event, and that you can see all the looks you submitted and how well your looks did. The earnables were also beautiful. The new format is aesthetically pleasing as well. My game never experienced any glitches, though looking at the forums I think I’m the outlier there lol.

    What I don’t like is that you have to wait 48 hours to reuse items. This really badly affects new players & players without a lot of items. So many of my outfits went un-accessorized, and a couple of my outfits were way too casual (aka the one that got 23 votes lol) because I don’t have much jewelry or gowns. Even if it was 24 hours between reusing items I think that would be a lot better! Or even just not putting the limit on all accessories (I noticed there wasn’t a limit on earrings, that was nice). I also appreciate that there was an attempt on incentive for voting, but 10-50 kash (my experience) for 100 “correct” votes....... isn’t really any better than no incentive at all lol. I got energy one time in the beginning which was nice. I also really don’t appreciate that it is not possible to finish the event without spending money. There is not even an option to pay for tickets with earned stars, so there is literally no way to win without purchase. I think that’s really cheap. There’s no way I’d spend $10 (I don’t even think the $5 pack would be enough to win) just for this hair & 5 k stars. Super dissapointing. I didn’t mind the 12 hour wait between entering looks too much, but I would’ve preffered if it was 1 look every 6 hours vs 2 every 12. Or 3 looks every 12 hours (or 1 every 4 just like the old SYS).

    sorry for such a long post!!! I hope glu is reading all our feedback posts and taking it into consideration. Overall I really did like the event! There was kinda a lot I didn’t like, but the only big one was not being able to finish the event without spending money, the rest were just personal thoughts & preferences.
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    casersKKHcasersKKH Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    Hi All! This is my first post and I’m hoping that this “glitch” with the babies stays!!!! I love seeing my adopted baby boy and girl in the LA areas where there are homes/LAX!!! This is awesome to see outside of the nursery! 😍 photos below! 

    For sys- this is the most fun I’ve had with the game since I started playing (5 months ago) even with all the issues! Would love to see the purchasable (kash) wardrobe for the game boosted to enable a more varied experience for everyone with less than a year of playing time!

    Have only made it to the shoes/dress in this week’s event and don’t have enough credits/time left to make to the eyes, and I don’t think they’re worth $10 for the 12 tickets... unfortunately! I have no idea how anyone else is doing this to the end! I have spent money in the game but can’t justify it for this event.

    But otherwise I was really happy to get to play the SYS event (my first) and just wish that the voting was more incentivized and fair! I’m not afraid to admit that some of my looks got less than 20 votes (maybe due to glitches at the beginning of the week where submitting back to back looks cut off voting for the first look) and that I haven’t topped 40 votes! So there was never a chance to play through to the hair at the end!
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    kaydencekkhkaydencekkh Registered Users, Member 1,703 Posts
    I don’t even have this event but from reading how it was I think the OLD SYS is way better mainly because 1 you can actually finish the event and 2 it doesn’t cost real money like seriously???? Did glu really need to add that in when in the old sys you could just use kstars to speed up voting, take away the real money and maybe it would actually be worth it 
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    icechicicechic Registered Users, Member 281 Posts
    I ended the SYS with 841 points & 25 looks. So I averaged 33-34 points per look in voting. I only received one ticket instead of two at the twelve hour mark twice & was minus two outfits for the event because I started it later than I should have the first day. So if I would have had the four more tickets/looks, I still would have been at 975 if I followed my trend... still short from finishing without paying real money. Bummer, Glu.

    I did did get the eyes, which I was happy about... but am disappointed you can’t finish this without paying real money. I did enjoy the event overall besides not being able to finish & really enjoy seeing everyone’s looks in the voting area. There are some amazing looks out there!! Beautiful combos! 
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    KaylaJKaylaJ Registered Users 2,954 Posts
    So, now that my event is basically over cause I cannot submit any more looks until after the event ends, here are some of my thoughts.

    First of all, I wish we had had a bit more information about this event. If it supposed to be a week long event, will it be a weekend event, during a regular event would we get bonus points for getting prizes, is it going to be 12 hours to submit looks, did Glu know we couldn't finish without buying tickets?

    + The background and the event was an interesting idea. This was def better than the Who Wore It "Best" event, but obviously still had some glitches, issues, lots of questions.

    +/-  Buying tickets: The good news is that hackers can't just use their unlimited amount of Kstars to finish the event. The bad news is, right now with all the missteps that Glu has been making, a lot of us vet players don't really feel like buying anything. The game is becoming too expensive as it is and like we've seen with Halloween pallets from various players, there is no advantage.  Not to mention if there was never a way to finish the event in the first place, making us buy tickets just seems like another kick in the teeth.
        -For those who do buy tickets, they should not be punished by having the timer reset

    +/-  We've long asked about having an advantage to voting and I like how Glu seems to be trying that out, but after awhile, it became torturous. Only getting 1-3% and only then when you chose the most popular look was tiring. It didn't help that you were only getting a few kash or energy. Add in tickets, Kstars, etc. and maybe don't let the % go lower than 2-3. Perhaps this will help more voting esp towards the end when people are getting finished and on weekends.

    - As many others have noted 12 hours is much too long. I was "lucky" in that I started the event at 9am and therefore could submit another look at 9pm, but what would have happened had I not started til 1-2pm? I could either set my alarm for 2am or waste hours. If this is supposed to be a week long event, then knock down the time to 6-8 hours (someone who can do maths better than me can give us an idea of a good timing to not only give players a chance to finish, but also even if they miss a few hours).

    +/- I liked that you had to think about your designs since you could only use certain items once. That said, why dresses, shoes, and some accessories (like glasses), but not everything? Not to mention, as noted from other players this could be a disadvantage to newer players who don't have as many things. Maybe knock down the timer on that.

    My mind is mush so I'll get back to more later, but these were things I had written down.

    Here is my glitch where I entered two looks and got 73 votes for one, but #16 seems to have vanished 

    Final outcome

    Find me on FB facebook.com/jasperkkh.37669
    let me know and i'll approve quicker!

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    NayaritismNayaritism Registered Users, Member 77 Posts
    edited October 2018
    I got the HAIR.
    It took a total of 33 looks for me. 
    I had to spend money, it was impossible to get without.

    Feedback (neg):
    *It is absolutely ridiculous and unfair that each time you buy tickets your free ticket clock resets. THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.

    *Per FAQ link Kalinda provided, it says that the max tickets each 12hrs is 2. It DOES NOT say that 2 tickets every 12 is guaranteed. Which would explain why we have been getting less than 2 sometimes. This is so unfair. First off, 2 tickets every 12 alone is ridiculous. It should be 2 every 6hrs. But the fact t that even the 2 every 12 isn't guaranteed NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.  (Edited to add: if not 2 tickets per 6 hours than make tickets a reward of voting for a certain amount, like ever 3rd time you reach 100% on popular vote.)

    *The 48 hrs hold on clothing as a basic standard across the board isn't fair to lower level players who do not have deep closets. The closet hold for things used NEEDS to be based on level of player and not a base standard for everyone.

    *The last k stars prize of only 5 k stars is a joke. Why is it constantly that we get lowballed on k stars? From the throwback collections now that have the first item costing 30 k stars yet past LOYAL players only receive 20 k stars per item no longer available to them. Prizes of k stars NEED to be worth it. It's not costing you all anything, you're making plenty, stop cheating us. THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.

    Feedback (pos):
    *I love the idea of putting a [reasonable per player level] hold on items used in a look. It is a very fun challenge to make items we might not always use to fit the theme.

    *I love the voting style, but a better incentive would be nice, since this isn't much of an incentive at all.

    *You guys are on the right track, you just need to respect your customers a little more than looking at us as a way to earn money by trimming every aspect of the game to the least leeway in order to have us spend more. There should be a balance in what we give AND WHAT WE GET FOR IT. Right now the scales are so far past fair, even if you still keep the balance tipped in your favor of making money, there is plenty to spare to bring us back to closer to even. Tons of ideas have been floating around from all four GB items in palettes, to no daily box items in event palettes, to bringing back multiple video watching for k stars, to the suggestions given for this new event option. Just actually listen to us.

    *I love the idea of more interactive gameplay with rules and challenges, like this, than just tap tap tap tap.

    PLEASE, PLEASE listen to the feedback of your customers and do right by them.

    @KalindaKing @eggsandbananas

    Platform: Amazon
    (^you guys made that happen for Covet so the capability does exist)
    (^you guys say you do, please prove that you actually do)
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    KalindaKingKalindaKing Moderators 5,602 Posts
    The Show Your Style event is now over. If there are any other prizes that you earned, you will receive them in your game automatically. And if you have additional feedback to share with us, please post it here!
    Add your platform (ex. iOS/Android) to your forum signature & save your IDs so we can help
    My posts offer a sneak peek at upcoming features and prizes. Details are subject to change in the game.
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    AliBryantAliBryant Registered Users 6,169 Posts
    My feedback on test SYS event:

    -The prizes were great. It was fun submitting looks.

    -The hold on items should be 24, not 48 hours. 

    -There should be either more tickets per round, or more frequent rounds, to make this event doable without paying real money.

    -Not everyone is going to be able to start playing right at 5 am when an event starts, and that sets them up for a pattern of the timer being up while they are asleep. Another reason to ditch the 12 hour timer.

    -The rewards for voting suck. Kash is not a motivator in this game *especially* only 20 for casting up to 100 votes! I didn't even cast any votes the last two days of the event because I was bored with it and don't need Kash. The first two days I received 80 Kash and some energy but that stopped and was only 20 for the rest of the votes I cast...over 1000 votes! What a waste of my time.

    -*If* our feedback is taken seriously and tweaks are made, I like the idea of having this event as a simultaneous event to the regular weekly event. 
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    GigiGiu_KKHGigiGiu_KKH Registered Users, Member 58 Posts
    Hi girls! This is my first post 😊

    This is my feedback on the SYS event.

    I think the idea is good, but they need to adjust some things.
    First the time you get tickets, maybe 6hrs or 8hrs or get more tickets because is impossible to complete without buying tickets.
    Second better award for the votes, the firsts days more people vote because it was the new thing and then everyone lost the interest and stop voting.
    Third a suggestion, put the event again for a few days for all the people who want to complete or put the items in the closet for all the players so they can buy it, I have a lot of friends who want to get it. 
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    haftimehaftime Registered Users 970 Posts
    I'm sorry for the late reply-- I've been really busy and away from the forum, but I wanted to be sure to post my feedback on this event.

    I'm curious as to why there seems to be a push to change SYS, unless it's to make it possible to play on FB. I love SYS and don't really understand why it needs to change so drastically (though there is always room for improvement). 

    12-hour waits
    I liked that this new system ran alongside other events. The long 12-hour wait times, though, made me sort of less interested in opening the game. While we used to joke that SYS was "steal your sleep," that hasn't really been the case since the midweek events have become 4 days, and on the weekend it's not true because of bonus points, so the 4-hour times weren't really a big problem for me. 

    My biggest concern with the event is that it doesn't appear to be possible to complete it without spending real money. That is a big turn off for me, primarily because I feel like if you hustle you should be able to finish a KKH event, but you can spend if you want to do it with less effort and/or quicker. 

    The payouts for voting was a nice addition, but I didn't like that it was associated with picking the most "popular" choice. High Fashion isn't just about being popular and conforming to the status quo, it's about self expression,  fun, making a statement! Kim Kardashian and her family are trend SETTERS; they don't wear what's popular, what they wear BECOMES popular because of the way they wear it and their confidence and who they are. Our dolls are supposed to be similar in their little digital world, at the top of the fashion game, setting trends. Getting points for choosing what's "popular" just really rubbed me the wrong way throughout the week.

    Also, the perks for voting were pretty non-inspiring. Perhaps we could get event points or submission tickets for lots of voting? This comes back to my previous point of players having to work extra-hard to get what the paying players get more easily. I would have gladly spent the week tap-tap-tapping to vote if I thought it could get me closer to the hair. I would have spent a lot more time in the game overall, too! 

    The prizes were really nice. Though, as I've said before, I don't like having makeup as an earnable. In this instance, the eye make up is really pretty (shoutout Kylie Cosmetics!), but on a different eye shape than Everly's, so she looks really different when she wears them. We really need more makeup options in the closet, inspiring us to spend our k stars! I feel bad for the dolls who start playing today who want to have lighter blue eyes, which were earnable last month-- they won't be able to get them from a TB box for ages and ages, probably. If they were in the closet, they'd probably drop their k stars to get them. We love to be able to customize our dolls!

    Umm... I think that's my feedback. 

    I hope the players who didn't get the test will have the opportunity to earn or buy the items. 
    My doll's name is Everly Rook, I play on iOS, and I'm on FB at facebook.com/everly.rook. 
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