👍👎 KK:H WeekDay Event - 11/26 Still Stuffed from Black Friday , Enjoy the SYS



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    AliBryant said:
    LMAO @Rikk you have to tell us how many votes that got
    If she got more than 30, I'm gonna regret not submitting the naked outfit from April Fools like I was going to on my last ticket
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    let me know and i'll approve quicker!

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    You're quite welcome @TrashleyKKH

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    Well, bummer for me because I ended with 1159 points! So close. Congrats to those who finished. I averaged about 43 per look... I had some low scores in the beginning until I figured out what people seemed to be voting for in the “date” theme. Here’s three from my top & three from my bottom scores. I only got the one 51 vote & the rest were 49-30. 

    I have to say I definitely enjoy the old SYS waaaaaay better & hope that comes back. That one I could achieve with time to spare & less stress.
    This one is definitely hard for me to achieve. I got the test the first time around & was no where near that hair (which I liked)... this one’s items didn’t thrill me as much so I wasn’t super stressed on missing the hair. However, I really hope the points get lowered so I can finish one of these in the future. I played every look I could on time but didn’t get there. I did get some kstars for voting which was cool along with some kash. But I think all kstars for voting would be great & extra tickets for looks as a reward for voting would be cool too to help me finish!  :D 
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    So many unhappy customers in multiple threads. The vast majority of players wore themselves out and are not cool with the fact they didn't get to finish the event. Hey Glu, are you happy with this result? This is the third failure on testing this format, with minimal changes that didn't help. For the love of god, what does it take to tell you it isn't working? 

    Listen to the suggestions here. Lower the point total as suggested to 1000 at least. The event would actually be fun if we got a new ticket every four hours and were able to bank 4 instead of 2. 

    People can't be chained to their devices for 7 days. Some people have jobs, love lives, families, the need to sleep. I know that's a crazy freaking concept. 

    But here's why I really came (cuz let's face it, this other stuff has been told to you ad nauseam): The points are being manipulated in some way. I've tested with friends and there were patterns. Some got wild point swings up and some didn't. The simple truth is that the people who won both this week and last were those that benefited from the point fluctuation. Our outfits were identical in some cases. 

    The fact that you're asking people to pay money for tickets while you have players saying it's totally doable without paying because they experienced the manipulation and don't know it... well I'd say that smells a little fishy, as does the fact that you've made what used to be a free event into something that now costs real money. 

    I just so happen to live in the great state of Massachusetts where we have one of the best Attorney Generals in the country. I don't know if you know her but she loves going after online gaming with unfair business practices. So maybe just maybe you might wanna cut out your nonsense and give people a winnable event, stop manipulating points and playing bait and switch. 

    I would also suggest putting the three hairstyles into the closet, but I really don't expect you to care that 99% of your customers are very dissatisfied and a good company pays attention  to THAT. Honestly, if Kim Kardashian was aware of how you represent her brand and how you treat her fans that play, she would be disgusted. 

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    Well I finished the SYS event, how exhausting was it!!
    Here are my thoughts on it.

    - I love that every platform can enjoy the SYS events
    - the fact that these new SYS events run next to the Weekday event is great. Especially for players like myself who own every available Throwback item, it is great to earn new items.
    - the incentive for voting
    - the fact that tickets are automatically added after 6 hours

    - the event running from Monday to Sunday is too long, it should be running next to and at the same timelength as a Weekday or Weekend event.
    - 1200 points is too high and too hard to reach for most players. There is no room for error or sleep for that matter. 
    - the incentives to vote should differ and not just Kash. An extra ticket  or more chances of K-stars would be great.
    - there should not be a max of 2 tickets stored after 12 hours. All tickets should be added.

    I hope Glu reads all our comments - which are mainly the same - and fixes it for the next SYS.

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    Idk why they did 2 test events and asked for our feedback if they don't care. When I used to play different games and they became too time consuming and demanding I just quit. Just like I will never participate in the weekday event again, cause it's time consuming and not rewarding. In this SYS countless people played all week just to not finish it. Totally not worth it. I may as well skip SYS too.
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    I finished the event at 1203... Most of my scores were mid to high 40's, my lowest was 35 and my highest was 54, but I still came so close to not finishing. Now I have to admit that this was an improvement from the first test of this event which was impossible to finish witout buying extra tickets. (I'm still upset I didn't get that ponytail lol!) But glu really needs to realize that this is a game, it's supposed to be fun! So many players are upset because there was no room for error, one low vote and you may have just lost your chace at finishing. So maybe glu could lower the points, or give bonus points for reaching an item, just something to make it a little bit easier. Because if not I think glu just successfully made everyone's favorite event their most hated.
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    I'm very upset and frustrated. I started out horribly, my 2nd look got me a mere 26 votes and I really liked that look! At one point I was doing well with high 47 - 50 votes but it only lasted 4 looks before I was back down to low 40s votes. Then I had 3 consecutive high scores but from then on my looks remained 40 - 44 votes. I ended 50 points away from the end, and even if I don't like the hair as much, I am still very frustrated with how everything progressed from start to finish. I lost sleep for this because the timing the tickets come in for me forces me to!

    I used a different outfit and hair every single time, I even varied my make up, all these shows the effort I put into this event. I tried sexy, cute, sweet, innocent, chic, everything. I'm not trying to say I styled every look the best, but I'm confident that I'm better than 90% of the dolls I see in voting. I didn't put stupid autumn leaves aura, nor did I wear fancy gowns, wear swimsuit, or bring a monkey!

    You guys be the judge, did I deserve this result?

    I want the cap of the tickets to increase, the timer for the ticket to decrease, lower point requirements and for the event to be shorter. Can you imagine having to style swimsuits 27 times?! Glu needs to think further than this.

    I'm sorry, I feel very sour when I see people saying their lowest score is 40, or that they completed with 2 looks left etc. I have nothing against them. I just feel like a loser, and no game should make me feel like that ever, so SYS needs immediate fixing, otherwise I'm out.

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    @Naimonster Your looks are beautiful - I'd have voted for you! 

    Just to add FWIW that I totally agree with everyone else. I needed 36 points to finish, but the event finished 6 minutes before my next ticket would have been available. After putting so much effort into the event, and so much thought into my looks, this was very frustrating, but I refused to buy the final ticket on principle as it would basically send the message that it's OK to emotionally blackmail players into spending money. (I'm not against spending money in itself - I bought Kstars for Black Friday, but the difference is I freely chose to do that rather than feeling forced into.)

    Isn't making the game less fun likely to result in players spending less money rather than more...? 
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    edited December 2018
    Before i head off to work I'm gonna give my opinion,

    @Naimonster i love every item you've just shared and i would have  voted for you every time, so I'm just as mind boggled as you are when it comes to the votes and the points. 

    This entire event and how it works has always been confusing to me and now that the system is different it's only gonna get even more confusing & frustrating. I won't be participating in it any more but to the ones who do, i too wish to see glu take in consideration the feedback the gamers give, i mean after all wasn't that the point of them letting some of you test it in the first place? The amount of hours you must wait to get a ticket is ridiculous, the points you have to get in order to finish is such an unrealistic expectation. I also don't agree with us only getting two tickets, maybe give us 3 or 4 tickets every 3 or 4 hours instead of 2 tickets every 12 hours  ( i say 12 hours because you're waiting 6 hours a piece for each ticket). If you all don't want to do that then at least give us both tickets at the same time & let us submit two looks with them & then we wait another 6 hours for two more tickets instead of having to wait 6 hours for each ticket ☹, I mean that is what i originally thought you all were gonna do UNTIL I saw otherwise. Even if I did not finish I loved the old sys so much more than i do this one , i feel like it was fine as it was but i also know that things don't stay the same forever. I do agree that it feels like they're trying to force us to spend money on something we never once had to spend real cash on before and i do see it as unfair. I'm hoping that you all will find a way to make this event enjoyable and fun again but until then this is the first and last time I'll be doing it.

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    Congrats to the people that completed the event, especially those that did it without purchasing tickets. I empathize with those that didn’t, I didn’t either.  My feedback has already been stated by many people before me so I won’t rehash all the comments and rationale behind my thinking.  I will highlight the points I felt most strongly about:

    - kudos to making the event available to FB players!
    - the event was far too long for my liking, with little incentive to vote (rewards were insignificant)
    - the tickets accumulating was great, but the cap of 2 needs to be increased if people are losing sleep to submit looks (think about all time zones)
    - locking the items was not an issue for me but many expressed this made creating looks very difficult for them, especially new players with few items (shorten the locked time)
    - the points required to finish the event were too high with little “margin for error” (the majority of players should be able to complete the event without having to purchase extra tickets)
    - the vote tallying needs to be more consistent (the process was questionable at best, and while some received extremely high scores seems the majority received much lower scores than expected)

    Bottom line events should be fun, not stressful and anxiety-inducing.  So many people posted comments expressing these emotions and that’s alarming, not to mention the fact that people talked about losing sleep to submit looks. GLU, this isn’t acceptable!  Be realistic and create events that people can actually enjoy. We used to complain about party events but I’d much rather play an event that I can choose to work hard to complete over this event that I worked so hard at but had to rely on chance to have enough votes to complete, which I did not. 
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    KaylaJ said:
    AliBryant said:
    LMAO @Rikk you have to tell us how many votes that got
    If she got more than 30, I'm gonna regret not submitting the naked outfit from April Fools like I was going to on my last ticket
    I sent James naked one round and he got around 33 votes 
    I play on iOS
  • SeptemberSeptember New Member Registered Users 552 Posts
    I must admit I missed not styling a look today and getting excited about seeing how other dolls styled their outfits in the voting booth!

    For me, I love the fashion aspect of sys. I love dressing my doll up in outfits I wouldn't wear in real life. I love having a theme to style around instead of 1 item.

    I think what sucked the fun out of it for me during the event was the time pressure. I felt so pressured to submit once my ticket refilled, because I didn't know whether I'd be able to get to my game in time before the second ticket added. I love styling my doll but the time pressure killed it for me. Right now the event has ended, no more time pressure, no more 'will my look get enough votes' thinking, so my fun in styling returns.

    Oddly enough the old sys had even more time constraints (4 hours in between submission) but I didn't feel the pressure there. I think it was because I knew that I'd finish the event if I didn't miss a daytime submission. Now I didn't know whether I'd be able to finish even if I never missed a daytime or nighttime submission. 
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  • OhemilieOhemilie New Member Registered Users 827 Posts

    My highest and lowest votes. I tried so hard initially to style it up thinking fun date outfits but then got so frustrated about my low votes that I switched to ball gowns. I really don’t think they were only worth 20 or so votes?!  It’s pretty rubbish that I had to go red carpet style to get points when the theme was dating in a club/bar but never mind. 

    Things I loved 
    all platforms got it
    cute earnables (even if not my style I still appreciated that they were nice neutral bits) 

    things i I didn’t love 
    almost impossible to finish 
    weird voting 
    appalling voting incentives - if you want to offer kash, offer more and STUFF TO BUY WITH IT. What is 50 kash going to do? Seriously?! 
    It’s just so time consuming and exhausting, I ended up feeling stressed out and it’s a game! Should be fun! 
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    I really liked the original SYS format, so I'm not going to compliment this new one - it's ruined my favourite event in the game.
    The old SYS was the only event that allowed some of us to have a relaxing weekend not glued to the screen (and let's not forget, it also rewarded k-stars on jobs), you could log in, submit your outfit, and go about your day, and most people finished without any issues.

    This new one:
    - way too long, it's stressful and I don't want to spend 7 days thinking about when I can submit a ticket
    - it's really annoying that our dolls are "naked" upon entering the SYS dressing room, it's better when we could be prepared beforehand with our outfits, I don't want to have to sift through the closet each time
    - there needs to be a better incentive if you want people to vote, nobody cares about kash. Give tickets or kstars, or energy
    - I know people didn't like having a buy-in, but at least it incentivises players to be at least somewhat on-theme. I was one of the players that was "punished by" votes because I was on-theme. 42 was my highest scoring, I didn't finish the event.

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    Rikk said:
    AliBryant said:
     I will have fun later submitting a joke look for my final ticket :P 
    Oh, @AliBryant, thank you so much for that great idea! :D Here’s my last look:

    What a heartbreaker! Her date is definitely in for a surprise.
    You have my vote! You bought pie! 
    LMAO @Rikk you have to tell us how many votes that got
    It got a measly 13 votes! This is a travesty! I’m calling the police!
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    I just want to chime in with what many others have said about the issues with this new version of SYS. There are definitely pros (glad all platforms can participate!), but wow, this is the first time I haven't finished an event, in like, years? I stayed glued to my game, didn't miss a ticket, but I missed the hair by just a few points. I definitely wasn't going to buy a ticket to reward Glu for that heartache!

    I'm not averse to working hard on a game (my fingers get weary from the constant tapping!), but this event it seemed like nothing I could do could change the outcome outside of paying cash, which is disheartening.  Lowering the overall points for the event would be great, but if not, could there be a way to maybe earn event points somehow? Either by voting, or maybe we could get a bonus after we start to earn the items? Thank you for listening to our feedback!
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  • AliBryantAliBryant Advanced Member Registered Users 5,526 Posts
    I did not get credit towards my SYS trophy for this event despite making it to the end and winning the hair. Anyone else?
  • VampireBarbieVampireBarbie Registered Users, Member 1,240 Posts
    AliBryant said:
    I did not get credit towards my SYS trophy for this event despite making it to the end and winning the hair. Anyone else?
    I just checked and same here, mine should say 2 out of 3 but it still says 1 out of 3 🤔
    platform: iOS
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  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 3,635 Posts
    AliBryant said:
    I did not get credit towards my SYS trophy for this event despite making it to the end and winning the hair. Anyone else?
    Me neither, @AliBryant! But @eggsandbananas helped me by manually adjusting the trophy progress last time, so perhaps they can help us again! 

    (This is the last SYS I need for the trophy, yay!)
  • KalindaKingKalindaKing Glu Moderator Moderators 4,565 Posts
    We're sorry that SYS event didn't count towards your trophy, but we're hoping the next one will!
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