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Hello! I have a problem and maybe someone has had the same one and/or knows how to help!

So I purchased some stars yesterday with real money from the starshop. Today I wanted to watch videos to get my free stars (20 per day as usual) and I was only able to get 5. After that I was told that there are no more videos for me to watch today. I have played this game for about 2 months now and I have always had my 20 stars after every 24 hours. And now after the purchase I only get 5?! Is it because I purchased some yesterday? Am I never going to get 20 stars daily again? I play on an iPhone 7. Please help!!


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    Your videos would start to diminish the longer you've been playing,  20 per day decline.  A good njmvrf of players have  said t the number diminishes after you buy stars, but there is no firm jnfo.  You can try turning off InGame purchases in settings.  Good luck, and welcome to the forum.  Nice to meet you.

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    @claudiak Unfortunately, once you spent money in the game, your daily free KStars reduce from 20 to 5. We have been asking Glu to fix this but no luck yet. 😢 Click the link in my signature, we had some discussions in that event thread.
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    A large number of players were never getting 20 per day. In the beginning, I didn’t know about videos. About 2 months in, I discovered them, and those first two days I got tons. Then it settled into 5 or 6 a day, and that was before I bought stars.   I know it also has to do with demographics.  Glu hasn’t ignored it. They’ve said they;d look into it, but I guess they have not yet found the cause and effect.  
    It does involve a third party, (both the videos and the other offers are managed by tapjoy/fyber I believe, do it’s not as clear cut as...please fix this game element or that.  
    But I will note this thread and ask if there is updated info. ;)

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    Thank you for you replies and the warm welcome :smile:
    I have been reading this forum for a long time now, but didn't find a discussion with the exact same topic via Google, though I found a few posts about getting only 5 stars daily after purchasing... I found these posts AFTER. purchasing of course. I would have never thought I should investigate it beforehand and that my benefits will disappear, I would have rather thought I will get MORE benefits after investing REAL money in this game. I do not have enough words to describe how disappointed I am in this game right now... Makes me not want to play it at all anymore. I mean this is absolutely ridiculous. Everything costs stars and I get five of them a day? I literally can't afford anything anymore. I wish I had never invested my money in this game..
    I tried turning off the InGame purchases, but then I couldn't get any stars at all, so that was no help..
    Is there a place where I could write to someone to fix this? 
    Anyway, thanks a bunch to you two :smile:

  • VioletDreamsVioletDreams Registered Users, Member 297 Posts
    I am beyond annoyed. During the last SYS event I bought a ticket so I could get the pink hairdye and now I only get 5 ad videos to watch a day compared to the 20 I used to get. It's a first time I've made a purchase in the game, I've been avoiding this for this exact reason since I've already restarted my entire game once due to the same issue.

    I've messaged Glu Support and all they gave me was the same old spiel about how they can't give everyone ad video's due to certain "variables" like when you started playing the game. Which obviously doesn't make sense since I'm still playing the same game from the same phone in the same country etc...

    It almost feels like they're now trying to annoy me into buying K-stars since collecting them is going SO slowly now.
    Anyone have had issues with this before? Is there any way to try and fix this? I've tried resetting the ad settings and deleting and re-installing the game, so far no luck.
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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 26,331 Posts
    hi.  I merged your question with an earlier thread on the same subject.  I'm sorry this happened.  There is no viable solution,  only the suggestion above that you turn off in app purchases.
    I'm sorry Glu Support was unable to change this. The availabilty of videos to watch is governed by a lot of factors, as Support explained. 
    And support is the final frontier.  if they can not assist you, there is nothing that can be done.  Other than the suggestion to try and toggle off the in app purchases. But Glu is not out to annoy players, but they are helpless to just flip a switch and provide us with more videos to watch for stars.  If the criteria is not met, they can't just send you the videos to watch.  That is really administrated by Tap Joy.  I know they are not easy to contact, and talking to them is like a brick wall.  But don't for a minute think it is Glu trying to antagonize or otherwise annoy players. 
    Hope you can take a deep breath, and regroup.  There are plenty of other offers available tor stars.  Goo luck.  :)  Very nice to meet you. Welcome to the forum.

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  • icechicicechic Registered Users, Member 253 Posts
    Since mine went from 20 to 5 per day after a real money purchase, I now do more of the Tapjoy offers of playing other games to get kstars. Which is very annoying because I'd rather be playing KKH, not these other dumb games. I do them when they offer double kstar offers so it's more worth it, take screenshots of accomplishments (just in case), & delete them after I receive my reward.
    But I am still very bitter that something was taken away after a real money purchase. I don't think that's a good business model. Especially when I spend more time in other games now than KKH. Seems like it'd tempt people to jump into a new game & dump this one. Doesn't seem like a good business decision. But that's a way to get some chunks of kstars again.
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  • flamma252flamma252 Registered Users, Member 21 Posts
    Has this purchase problem been fixed?
  • flamma252flamma252 Registered Users, Member 21 Posts
    Basically you have been telling us since 3 years that you are working on this problem, but actually you don't. 
    People who are trying to invest real money in this game are the losers here, I don't get why is it benefitial to glu. 
    But anyways, I'm so annoyed that I will probably just stop playing this game, I'm very disappointed, I really enjoyed it but you made it impossible.
  • FluffybunnyFluffybunny New Member Registered Users 15 Posts
    I have been playing KKH for about 5 years.  I lost the ability to get free stars entirely after making a purchase.  I finally got it back, but there's no way I'm going to spend money now, risking that free star function.  I haven't spent any money since that first purchase, because of this issue. 
  • MaFeMaFe Registered Users, Member 26 Posts
    Its not a “problem”. It happens to everyone.
     @claudiak just like you, my first comment here was about that, I got really sad when people explained how it works. Basically, when you spend money, the game makes you need to spend even more.
  • andrewxxandrewxx Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    This is just so unfair. I am so sad and annoyed! Cause now I only get 5 stars per day. I will not purchase anything and maybe stop playing the game. DISAPPOINTED!
  • jasminehkkhjasminehkkh Registered Users, Member 26 Posts
    I’m only getting 10 now, I have a game on my iPad and I’m on the gold VIP trial and still getting the 10ads too! 
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