NOT Getting My Gift Boxes Plus The Wardrobe Gifts Not There

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December 6, 2018 

I’ve Had Nothing But Problems The Game Is Glitchy and keeps crashing since new update on iOS 6s iPhone friends sent me gift boxes.  I did receive the first box and I replied thanking them but while going to open my second gift box the game crashed and shut down abruptly  I had to restart my game but after restarting no gift box to open.

Plus  I received wardrobe gifts but when I opened to see what I got there’s nothing

I’ve tried closing my game and restarted it,   I’ve shut down turning off my iOS cell phone and restarting it but still nothing it’s not working

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    There was a glitch in this update where some players had extra notifications about receiving gifts. Some were actual gifts and sometimes there was nothing new. Can you play your game now?
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