🗳️SYS - Fit 'n Fabulous! Event starts 4/14/19



  • jaeannjaeann Registered Users, Member 502 Posts
    edited April 2019
    Disturbing the peace @ the muse lounge with @Halftime @katiealexandraa @TrashleyKKH

    Edit: halftime aka Everly doesn’t come up on here anymore 😔
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  • SweetstephySweetstephy Registered Users, Member 415 Posts
    edited April 2019
    Of course typical last min buyer. I been 1st all week, without buying tickets. I’m happy tho, I did good in this sys. 💖👏🏼 The TS hair wasn’t my style, so 2nd is fine 🤪

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  • melissakkhmelissakkh Registered Users, Member 1,043 Posts
    @TrashleyKKH Good, because I need it 😂

  • katiealexandraakatiealexandraa Advanced Member Registered Users 1,153 Posts
    Thank you for including me, @jaeann ! Everyone looks great! 🥰

    I ended up coming in first, but I will never use this hair. The extra kstars makes me happy, though! 

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  • SavannahKKHSavannahKKH Registered Users, Member 257 Posts
    edited April 2019
    First time ending at 1st place! and I get the bottle
  • KaylaJKaylaJ Senior Member Registered Users 2,954 Posts
    liltiffs said:
    AHHH! I had been at 6th place all day with no chance to move up bc my scores were so low and I had totally settled for not getting the stars + bodysuit but a miracle happened! Two people tied for 3rd and my 6th place turned into a 5th! 
    wtg! I don't guess i ever knew that's how it worked out when 2 people tie and what happens to the lower dolls, but I'm very glad it does!
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    let me know and i'll approve quicker!

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  • mikaylachimomikaylachimo New Member Registered Users 2,926 Posts
    edited April 2019
    I’ve seen a lot of hate about the hair but I’m actually a fan, especially with my dolls new lips. Congrats to all who got what they wanted!! @TrashleyKKH thanks for including me in the pic, and thanks for the virtual vodka because I absolutely need it right now 😂
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  • SweetstephySweetstephy Registered Users, Member 415 Posts
    @zepphrius 100% agree with you, I submitted every single look to the best of my ability. Some girl placing in 8th pushed me off 1st. Did she deserve it? No sorry. I did. But of course, if I actually did love the hair. I’d be in a ticket battle with her. It’s stressful and that gives me anxiety honestly. Legit dolls who have 1st, deserve 1st. Bc they TRY, while others pay there way to the top. If your struggling I get it buy tickets to help you reach earnables. But ME, I don’t like the idea of taking 1st place from a doll who clearly deserves it. That’s just me. Everyone has different opinions, that’s cool. But this sys needs fixing in so many aspects. 
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  • skevansskevans Registered Users 485 Posts

    Purple and lace! 💜

    @webra @judithkkh
    hey, I'm SK, a big fan of gifs and sarcasm ✌🏼
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  • Carol DavidaCarol Davida Expert Member Registered Users 6,145 Posts
    edited April 2019
    Some of my very last looks before the event ended for me. Only one look had a decent amount of votes which upped to 40 btw.

    How I styled the earnable sweatpants. Since my scores were very inconsistent, I didn't even bother to purchase extra tickets on my game to complete this event. I'm kinda bummed out on not earning the waterbottle but oh well☻

    And I'm pretty satisfied in winning 7th place on trendsetters. I won the shoes so I ain't complaining. At least it's better to win virtual prizes in-game than to win absolutely nothing in return. Ah well at least I ain't emptyhanded this time🙂

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  • SummerLipsSummerLips Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
    Thanks God this event is over ... Wait for the update now

  • luvs2gruuvluvs2gruuv Registered Users, Member 1,644 Posts
    Anyone else noticed any change in the aspect ratio of the game? Particularly Android?
    For example, in Cannes, I was always able to tap the birdie without having to worry about the icons being in the way... Something has changed... 

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  • LindaVBLindaVB Senior Member Registered Users 5,894 Posts
    edited April 2019
    I actually won 1st place! I cant believe it, I had two ticket’buyers’ in my group but their entries must have tanked harder than mine, lol!!

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  • charlottegoldcharlottegold Registered Users, Member 1,991 Posts

    I looooove this jumpsuit! Looking fierce with @katiealexandraa @VampireBarbie and @melissakkh 💖
  • MissEm1994MissEm1994 Registered Users, Member 593 Posts
    This jumpsuit 💕
    I also styled the shoes separately for an Easter look 🐰🌸
  • TrashleyKKHTrashleyKKH Registered Users, Member 4,078 Posts

    Being Fashionably LATEx with @kokokokonut, @webra and @jaeann

    And heading to Vegas for a gal night out with @yez, @HollySisk and @judithkkh
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  • Chelsea123Chelsea123 New Member Registered Users 1,680 Posts
    @mikaylachimo @kokokokonut @VampireBarbie 💖

    Got 3rd place in trendsetters and I am happy with that, didn't like that hair so much so I will not miss it😬.
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  • SoleaSolea Registered Users, Member 19 Posts
    SO, I’m playing for 3 months now, I always wanted the GORGEOUS TS items but never achieved to have them and now that the prize is the oily hair, I get first... Well, life is interesting.
  • VampireBarbieVampireBarbie Registered Users, Member 1,240 Posts
    @charlottegold @Chelsea123 thanks for inviting my doll! looooove the jumpsuit, probably one of my new favorite outfits in the game 😍
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  • monamushroommonamushroom Registered Users, Member 114 Posts
    I loved the jumpsuit so much that I had to buy some tickets to stay in top 5. No shame
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  • alice_kkhalice_kkh Registered Users, Member 1,242 Posts

    I’m in love with the jumpsuit and I don’t hate the hair but it looks horrible with dark roots. It doesn’t look too bad with blonde and purple but I think the weird gap should be permanently filled with the light pink hair color.

  • LovelyEmmaLovelyEmma Registered Users, Member 4,374 Posts
    edited April 2019
    I still cant believe this actually happened!!
    I managed to be 1st on my Trendsetter group :O 
    I have NEVER been 1st on a Trendsetter :O The heighest i have been was 2nd! But now i get 1st?? WOW!
    I wanna thank my kloset, myself, my aparent great taste for gym clothes and i also wanna thank Pernille (the girl who was 2nd place) for giving sutch a tough competition (not really cuz i woop her booty with 110 points diference :P)

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  • AngelineJAngelineJ Advanced Member Registered Users 1,511 Posts
    edited April 2019

    Surprisingly, my dolls did pretty well this SYS. Even Jon scored some looks in the 50s and got the last 75 KStar prize. For whatever reason, it was super hard for my male doll to get higher votes in the past. This time, guys have so many pairs of sneakers, I don’t even need to unlock them! I thought it would be super hard to compete with the theme. How are we supposed to judge who style gym clothing better? 🤔It turned out pretty easy to vote. On theme or not on theme. We can’t control others not to submit gowns for the gym theme but if we don’t vote for them, I believe more players would stick to the theme. It actually doesn’t bother me that much when I see gowns. I feel like my doll might get more votes if she was paired with one of the gown dolls. I think players are now more aware of voting for on theme dolls. No matter what, there are so many factors that affect the voting outcomes. There’s a lot to do with luck so I’ve learned not to feel too discouraged when I get lower points. Just hope that the voting system is truly legit: the number of times our looks are revealed to the voters is consistent throughout the entire event!!

    In the last few days of the event, I did vote for some dolls with proper outfits but wearing heels. I figured some dolls have to wear heels on the road like I was. I assume they would change their shoes later. **Side story: When I first came to NY, I thought everyone dressed up like “Sex and the City”. I thought to myself, how am I supposed to wear heels getting in and out of the dirty subway stations with lots of stairs to climb? Quickly I learned, only rich people, or in a TV show like Carrie Bradshaw who take taxi wherever they go can manage that! 😂

    I was able to enjoy the SYS for once because there were no ticket buyers in my group. Hand shaking to my competitors. Congrats to dolls who won! Thanks for the group pictures @TrashleyKKH @Amilicious 💖 Happy Easter!🐣🐰

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  • kate_kkhkate_kkh New Member Registered Users 148 Posts
    edited April 2019
    Won 1st place this time, my trendsetters group was very chill. But still this event is too stressful. I missed submitting one look (or even two) and that’s why yesterday I had to wait till 2 a.m. to submit the last look and get the water bottle. And considering that SYS ends at 5 a.m. in my country, every time  there’s a chance that ticket buyer can appear at the very last moment and get the first place while I’m sleeping. 

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  • Tazzy21Tazzy21 Registered Users, Member 143 Posts

    And I'm pretty satisfied in winning 7th place on trendsetters. I won the shoes so I ain't complaining. At least it's better to win virtual prizes in-game than to win absolutely nothing in return. Ah well at least I ain't emptyhanded this time🙂

    This hair is ammmmmmmazing I need this in a kollection or tb stat. It’s so fun
  • LaulieeBoohLaulieeBooh Registered Users, Member 221 Posts
    :D  safe to say no water bottle 😂😂 but won first 😊 
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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 26,882 Posts
    heres my final look. Yes the look itself got 40 or so, but she was celebrating that it was over. Lol

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  • Carol DavidaCarol Davida Expert Member Registered Users 6,145 Posts
    @Tazzy21 yas doll it's most definitely my go-to Barbie wig that I love sm. It's one of my fav hairstyles from this game. I'm hoping one day that you'll have and own this hair too.
    Daily Android KKH player

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  • zepphriuszepphrius Registered Users, Member 209 Posts
    @Sweetstephy thank you for your words of support, and I'm sorry you were robbed! But you are rocking that jumpsuit 😍
    Unfortunately it seems my post you referenced was removed
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