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Hello guys! So I recently started playing the game it has been like two weeks and I got the VIP bronze subscription right away since it had one week trial for free. Later I found out that if you don’t buy anything you have 20 k star video offers per day instead of 5 which makes no sense 🤯  it is like punishing people for spending money on the app. So I thought I should maybe restart my game and get my 20 k stars instead of spending money and getting 5. What do you think? After all 450 more k stars a month is A LOT and I can buy more with that.


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    I suggest you keep the 20 daily k-stars
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    Even though im in level 19 rn and kind of don’t want to do everything again that’s what i think too, thanks for the reply !
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    has it been confirmed that if you start over it erases your purchases if it was only a trial?  Because when a game is started over, iOS has a button for restoring special purchases so it would seem it keeps that history.  if you were to use an entirely different set of credentials.....different fb, different Apple or google id then I'm sure it would be 100% as if you never played/used currency. 

    I'm not speaking from experience, I just do know that  special purchases are recoverable (for iOS automatically) so consider that.  Has anyone done a reinsta;l and gotten back 20 videos a day?  Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    I’m using iOS and after trial ended I didn’t cancel the subscription so I’m not sure how that’s gonna be. I don’t think I can bother to have a new apple iD if that’s posaible or something and this earning 5 k stars from videos really puts my mood down, isn’t there anything glu can do about it? And in general it makes people lose more k stars than 4000 kash boxes and no one seems to talk about it is so weird, I couldn’t find many info about that topic that’s why I made this discussion.
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    Hi @lafeedragee Welcome to the forum. Sorry this happened to you as well. Yes, it does feel like being punished by spending $ on the app.
    Start a new game with a different Apple ID should work. Reinstall the game with the same ID won’t get your videos back. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the informative reply! I had one ID so far I am not sure how this is going to effect the other apps I just wish there was a way glu could fix this. I just emailed the customer service to see if there is anything they can do, thanks again!
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