Are there any methods to recover old Facebook saved game?

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So I don't know what I did but when I start a new game Facebook just delete my old saved game. So what happened is that I keep recover my game and at last I got 5 day "ban" from recover my game. I got really annoyed so I keep logging in and logout of Facebook with the "I've played before" buttom. At one point I start a game from scratch again because I was thinking I will still get my old game back anyways. But I didn't know that Facebook was logged in and now my previous progress is gone. So I played with the time trick to speed the time faster (I changed the date), and the glitch worked and it let me to recover my game via Facebook. But this time my saved game was a lvl 2 doll. So is there any method to recover my old game?


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    Hey Tyranda! Sorry to hear what happened. Tbh at this point, I would contact Eggsandbananas  and Kalinda explaining your situation. It seem like your new game that you started saved over your old game. And I don’t think support will be super helpful unless you get a super nice person. Hope this helps. Contact eggsandbananas or Kalinda. 

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