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    Thank you @dingbat89 for your well written post. I did not delete the post in question by myself because I didn't understand why it's more important to delete a post than to hear that my intention was not harmful at all. I tried to comfort the users who felt offened by my post in my most empathic way, but they still disliked the heck out of these posts (not that I care about dislikes, it just shows the unforgiving nature of this forum.) I can't offer more than an honest apology and an explaination, but the only thing that mattered was trying to force me to delete a post. If what I've to say doesn't matter at all, the deletion of a post doesn't matter either. Nevertheless, as I said before, I requested the deletion of the post. I'm pretty sure the moderators will sweep this place clean soon enough.
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    Or it makes people ask what happened as they missed it so it's brought up again anyway. If people can read through all of the posts and see that the issue was resolved in further posts and there's no need to comment then I don't see why it needs to be removed. It's a public forum isn't it? Besides, all the posts from other members referring to the deleted post are always still there so how does simply removing the first post stop anything.

    And what's the point of posting publicly if only a few people actually have chance to read it. You might as well take it private if that's how you want to do things. If I post something, then it's out there for everyone to see and I'm not going to remove it just because other people don't particularly like it or I made a mistake. I can't stand this whole moderating everything crap. 
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    Hamptons - the backyard of the home has tiki torches and a BBQ grill, so maybe a beach bbq or bonfire would be cool?

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    I like the hamptons vibe.  We spent the day driving out East, Puterhead drove and Imthought of 
    . A Weekend Getaway, or road trip thing. Weekend away could be to a specific kind of place, ski lodge,  shopping Mecca?  lol.  Ok, we saw a lot of places to shop.   :)
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    Apres Ski would be an excellent theme, along the lines of Winter Wonderland like we had, except less fantasy and more cozy furry coats and sweaters. 
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    Since we alredy had a Gym SYS, i would like if we could have another workout-esque theme!
    Something like "Workout Video" Theme or something like that :3
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    I love all your SYS suggestions @Rikk, especially the cozy mountain cabin with a book/e-reader.. please Glu!! @cntarr and @TrashleyKKH I also love your handheld suggestions too! I think I may have an addiction to handhelds 🤣
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    @jhabs yes!! Also, they’re easy to follow and vote on, but still allow us to use a wide range of our wardrobes. 
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    Yes! Themes based on the style or color of the actual clothing are so much easier on everyone. Give us more of those. 
  • LAdoll24LAdoll24 Registered Users, Member 448 Posts
    I would love to see some autumn themes:

    -Pumpkin Spice (all orange and beige/brown neutrals)
    - KK Fashion Week (instead of NYFW)
    -Fundraising Gala
    -Back to School
    -Apple Picking
    -Hay Ride/Corn Maze
    -Haunted House
    -Homecoming Dance
    -Football Game/Tailgating
    -5k Race/Marathon

  • KKHLucyKKHLucy Registered Users, Member 1,032 Posts
    90s theme!! We can even win a boombox, lips with dark lipliner, Furby 😍, Walkman and só on!
  • LostInAnImageLostInAnImage Registered Users, Member 424 Posts
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    @jhabs I LOVE that idea! Like getting to do dress-up in your 20s (for me, anyway)! 🥰

    On top of the gloves (yes please!) I would also love a really beautiful earnable tiara (maybe Swarovski crystals?), because when that gorgeous hairstyle that came with the tiara was earnable some weeks ago, I wound up being exactly 1 point short! And I’m probably not the only one; otherwise I wouldn't request a personalized tiara just on my account. 😂

    But if it wasn't attached to the hair, then it would be an accessory rather than hairstyle, so even the players with the existing tiara hairstyles would still get something new out of it :) Plus it wouldn't just be compatible with an updo then.
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    Theme: Beautifully Barren. 
    Setting: Desert; middle of nowhere, Earth. 
    Earnables: Mosquito net, binoculars, flare gun, a helicopter lift to the hospital (last prize; you have to earn that life back). 

    Theme: Wearily Wandering the Wary Woods
    Setting: Wherever it was that the last movie established where the Blair Witch lives
    Earnables: Those little wood/stick figurines, piles of rocks in pentagrams and, of course, a camcorder for the final scene (I.e look 14). 

    Theme: Taken Thrice
    Setting: The upside-down from Stranger Things
    Earnbles: The blonde wig for 11, the boys’ walkie-talkies, and, if you get there via voters, the last one would be a portal back to the right-side up, none-hellscape dimension. Oh, and it was the 80s, so maybe throw in like a Gameboy as well.

    Next theme: avalanche ambush. So on and so forth, basically utilizing alliteration to place us in horrific survival situations which require no fashion (or even clothing!) component whatsoever. 

    (And no, I’m definitely not serious; I know that can be hard to establish via the Internet. And oh god, I’d feel so guilty if my two second word play fun turned into a weekend of all the KKH dolls swatting mosquitos). 😂
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    A fairytale theme would be fun! We could dress like Cinderella (glass slippers, blue gown), Belle (big yellow gown with brown hair), the little mermaid (Sadly, I missed that event, but there are some dresses with a fish scale print.) and so much more. Also, if you run out of looks, you can just wear a gown. The earnables could be a crown, green dress with a frog, Pinocchio nose that changes sizes (not really serious about that one) and I really want another chance to get a mermaid look, but I understand that it has been done before and maybe I'm the only one who wants it. Anyway, I feel like this would be such a fun theme!

  • kiki_kkiki_k Registered Users, Member 212 Posts
    I BEG for a Halloween SYS 🙏
  • cntarrcntarr Registered Users, Member 940 Posts
    Chinese/Japanese culture sys
  • deliqhteddeliqhted Registered Users, Member 226 Posts
    nightclub? even though its been done before, ive obtained more cute clubby outfits lately and have no use for them in the recent sys
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    School/college theme - prizes: cheerleader outfit (doubles for Halloween), backpacks, glasses, hand held: apple, notebook, pen/pencil. 

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    It’s been a while since anyone’s suggested anything but:
    Office Christmas Party? With a red/green/any color solo cup handheld? The business one got me thinking, wanna put the ugly xmas sweater & antlers to use! 😂
    Make it a casual office wear SYS only!!! There can be a separate Holiday Ball or something for the gowns.
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    I’m so disappointed we never got an autumn theme 😢
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    Sorry if some of these have already been done.
    - I would love a 2000s theme. Plus, Kendall Jenner went to Drakes 2000s theme party 😊
    -Tokyo street style
    - Great Gatsby
    - Bachelorette party (so we can use some cocktail dresses)
    - Casual friday (earnable coffee mug maybe?)
    - coachella (or music festival)
    - Carnival in Rio (earnable separate wings)
    - Havana nights
    - White house guest (like Kim K.)
    - "making the band" (have earnable guitar)
    - girls night out (boys night out for guys)
    - cabin in the woods
    - tropical theme 
    - Prom queen
    - Pop star
    - Explorer/safari
    - 50s 
    - Medieval 
    - garden party
    - Urban/city street style 
    - Courtside (basketball game)
    - Lawyer (earnable book maybe)
    - Premiere night red carpet (earnable popcorn)
    - southern belle (have earnable fan like the black feathered one or sweet tea)
    - Beauty pageant queen (earnable long gloves like on the Jessica rabbit dress)
    - dancing with the stars
    - purple rain (color theme)
    - Studio 54 glam (disco)
    - Burlesque
    - country singer
    - 90s grunge or hip hop theme

    - Emmy
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    @Bear_KKH Omg great ideas! I would love a street style SYS! 


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