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Hi everyone, 
I'm trying to figure out if I didn't choose a correct option at some point in my game or if it's still to come. I'm still waiting to get the option to purchase the So Chic Hamptons and all the rest of them. I have the first one in downtown LA but none others. I've only got 3 tasks left and two of them just got started by Maria/Simon this week. 

I'm at #1 and have the option to do the comeback. Will that prompt any missed storylines? Or is the so Chic locations still on the way at a higher level? Thanks in advance!

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    Same here, :(
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    It doesn't matter the number of tasks because the tasks that you have are part of the storyline. You have to follow the storyline gigs in order to unlock certain features like businesses. You'll notice that when you finish one of the tasks you have in your screenshot that Simon/Maria are going to immediately call you for something else. That's how you know it's a storyline. 
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