Same Apple ID, different games?

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Hey! I already posted this but nobody answered so I post this here because I need help!

So I have my real account on my iphone. I bought a new ipad and it has the same Apple ID and game center as my phone has. I would like to play with my ipad also but with a new account and have my current account only on my phone. So can I have two different accounts with the same Apple ID/game center? If I start a new game on my ipad does it delete my recent game and my progress?

I hope someone understands what I mean because english is not my native language so this text may be a bit confusing😂


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    I do recall answering this. Maybe. Another player with the same question.  You can only have 1 game for each Apple ID. Plus when your device tried to pull up the account associated with that ID how would it know which to select?  You would need to get a 2nd ID, and keep that on a separate device.  It took Apple and myself 2 weeks to detangle 2 accounts, before I could take the Havana update.  

    Eta: but a 2nd game is awesome. Will they be same sex or a boy and a girl?  Multiple games gives you automatic enrollment in the Darkside. Muhahaha.
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