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    hi @dingbat89. I play 3 games. And I don’t lie to anyone here.   Your post, which reads in a hostile manner is a perfect example of what I mean by discussing thing in private.  

    Want to discuss my 3 games or anything else questioning my veracity, send me a message. Thank you, and sorry you were unaware of my multiple games.
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    @Savagekkh * sighs * This post wasn’t directed at you. I actually agree with you! The way some people use grammar mistakes as a way to discredit your words, is malevolent. And you caused tension for all the right reasons. We need to speak up about some things that definitely go unnoticed on the forum 👀. 
    What I was trying to say, but apparently failed to do , is that some new members like to cause.. more drama than it’s necessary ( I was not talking about this situation, but in general ) . It’s understandable I have been there too! That’s why I was offering my advice. That’s all. 

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    I liked the suggestion of having a separate thread for SYS feedback. I've been kvetching for months about how much better it would be to have tiered rewards based on total points. The buyers can still buy, but people like me who actually win based on styling and then get outbid, wont get screwed.

    I'm getting so sick of Glu. Can't wait to cancel my VIP subscription after I get my quest Wednesday. 
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    @melissakkh Sorry that I misconstrued your post and thought it was directed at me. I honestly dont see tension other than me. My mistake!!
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