Kim Kardashian Hollywood

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood will not let me connect to facebook I have tried literally everything  including emailing glu


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    I don't know what platform you are playing on, have you sent an ingame support ticket?   Have you signed into the FB app on your device?  You say you've tried everything, so I don't want to duplicate, but the only thing I could find in support, was connecting through Options, top left of your playing screen.  That is also how you can send a ticket.    (lll/help/glu support)
    Hope it gets resolved quickly, very often updates (even the mini ones that load the weekly events) bring little fixes like that.  But Support is the way to go.
    If you post your platform I can try to see if there have been other complaints about this in the meantime. 

    Welcome to the forum.  Nice to meet you.

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