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Multiple Devices was appearing constantly. After multiple tries, It went away and my game was there. Kept it open for 24 hours while logged in to my Google and Facebook. Contacted customer support and it appears they do not understand what the multiple device issue means. Point is someone is using their facebook to play my game and I need to to figure out how to rectify this. 
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    Hang on and I'll try to get some assistance for you.  Are you playing on the Facebook platform?  Have you tried resetting your FB password?
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    Hi @Satansaintstar10 - Send me a private message with your ID and the email address you used to contact customer support, then I'll try to help.
    To get your ID:
    1. Open the Options Menu by tapping the three lines on the top-left of the main game screen.
    2. Tap the 'help' button to open the Help Page
    3. Your ID is listed in the middle of the Help Page
    4. Copy and paste your ID into a message (just the ID, not a screenshot)

    Add your platform (ex. iOS/Android) to your forum signature & save your IDs so we can help
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