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    lol @kokokokonut fingers crossed! Enjoy the little furball anyway 😊
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    I just woke up and dam the tea is HOT this morning ☕️

    Also just wanted to add my two cents about last minute ticket buyers: it might be annoying to feel like you’re ahead the whole event and then some tasteless pay2win doll slaps some money on the table to come up first, but tbh it’s the most courteous thing they could do if they were gonna buy tickets anyway? Not to mention it avoids the whole ticket arms race to 1000+ points. A few people on the forum have mentioned being able to collect their #1 prizes, and then a tb’s votes trickle in after and so they’re both able to get the prizes. Seems like a win-win to me 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    @nubcake I think it’s way more courteous if they buy upfront! Then at least I know they’re a ticket buyer and I don’t waste my whole weekend stressed about keeping my number one spot and constantly checking to see if someone surpassed me with tickets. 
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    @jhabs that’s valid too, though if more than one person could get the #1 prize that still seems ideal! 

    Sometimes I think people in my groups might even mistake me for a ticket buyer because I purposely play my tickets late — so like, I’ll submit one ticket at the beginning of the event, and then wait 6-8 hours before submitting the next one, and my final 2 looks are usually submitted close to the end. In my head this makes me look like less of a threat so other people don’t buy tickets but idk if my mind games are working 🤣
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    android player (i'm here for the wigs)
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    Thanks for the concrete examples @AliBryant. Glu doesn’t always respond in the ways we suggest, but the fact that they respond at all is a solid indication that voicing our opinions can make a difference.  Sometimes it takes time. Obviously the events are planned weeks in advance but if we continue providing feedback they can incorporate these suggestions into future events.  
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    We can raise our opinions without judging or shaming Dolls that buy their way to the 1st spot. 💕🌸
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    Wow, it’s been busy in here, while I was away!
    I’ll voice my opinion, without offending anyone - I agree there must be a cap on ticket buying. And I believe Glu listens to us and will take care of it.
    of course, tickets are money, so the tickets will be there. I have bought ticket packs twice since I started playing the game, I don’t regret it. Everything is for people. But I’d never abuse it to get to first place if I saw the person on the top is playing fair and square. 
    So, @GluAdmin please have a look at the thread and see how angry the players are. Please, pretty please!

    And you, Ladies and Gents, have a great rest of the day and don’t let it ruin your wonderful lives! ❤️
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    Christ, I'm exhausted just reading the last 5 pages of this thread...

    Many people have rightly pointed out that Glu needs to sit up, take notice and respond to this feedback about the TS system. Personally I don't expect them to remove the ability to purchase extra tickets. After all, they're a business and they need to make money. Which benefits us in the long run cause it keeps the game going.

    But what is clear is that the system could be refined so they can still make money, but also make the system fairer. 

    If people want to spend money on tickets, then fair play to them. It is their money and up to them entirely how they want to spend it. Equally people who make a choice not to spend money, for whatever reason, should not be left feeling "pushed out" of the game. The playing field needs to be levelled somehow. 

    Its clear this is a issue that divides players massively. And that shows every week when the SYS descends into the same argument. And emotions run high and sometimes I have seen comments spill over into the wrong side of respectful. Whilst we all have a responsibility for what we write online and how we speak to each other, Glu needs to recognise they have to do something on this issue. Who knows who is behind the receiving end of one of those comments and the impact it could have on them. Glu have a social responsibility to their customers this much surely?

    Sorry, this post has turned out much longer than I intended so if you have made it this far then thank you for reading!!
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    KKHLucy said:
    Tyranda said:
    I'm out. 
    Bye felicia 
    Honestly I feel like I'm being bullied here, it's me VS everyone else. I love this game but I won't let the community negativity bring me down, the more I read the more depressing I get. 
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    I will say I agree with @EllaCharlotte, ticketbuying will likely not go away. I think this weekend, a LOT of people spent money to get the hair. This earnable prize was quite coveted. I’m sure Glu is more encouraged than ever after seeing how many tickets were bought.
    I will say this and I hope this is as respectful as possible, but there’s no good way to buy tickets. Whether you’re buying tickets to get the top prize or make up on a look, or snipe it from a ticketbuyer, you are still contributing to Glu’s financial justification for this scheme. If you disagree with ticketbuying, I would encourage you to not participate for any reason.
    On the other hand, I do thank the people giving money to this game because that keeps this game going for most of us. I wish you weren’t taking my final prizes, but I love this game and I don’t want it to die. 
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    @jhabs I really need the reaction "love" under your last post 
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    Honestly I feel like I'm being bullied here, it's me VS everyone else. I love this game but I won't let the community negativity bring me down, the more I read the more depressing I get. 
     You just upset a lot of people on this forum, and honestly nobody has intentions to depress you or bully you. But a lot of us forum members don’t like the unfairness of the sys every week losing to
    Ticket buyers scoring over 900 + points is too much. Plus the fact there are Last min dolls jumping in to knock a over dolls place is messed up. AND The most annoying basic clothing dolls makes it more infuriating when theirs many gorgeous dolls who actually put great outfits together. Hope you feel better honestly, depression isn’t a good thing I’ve been through it. But just be aware what you say because it does affect the forum. This is an unfair issue and you should see it too, not call us annoying for ranting about it. 
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    I haven’t been here for a long time but ever since I started on the forum, I see the same complaints over and over about SYS. Some things have changed, yes, but it doesn’t solve any of the main issues. I am not being original here, these are ideas I have seen mentioned in this thread or around on the forum, but this are my thoughts and how I would put things together to improve the event:

    • Glu will never get rid of the tickets or put a cap on them, it’s how they make money. And overall they’re not a bad idea: it might have come in handy for me this SYS since I stupidly missed a ticket and really wanted the earnable dress. Luckily, I didn’t need it this time but I’d like to have that option in the future. It also seems like a lot of people are struggling with the new themes and cannot reach their usual scores and all the earnables just with their free tickets. So I don’t think getting rid of the tickets is the right thing to ask for. They’re here to stay and they have their use.
    • BUT I think SYS tickets should only apply to the earnable track, not to Trendsetters. Paying to reach that last item you wanted, sure: it doesn’t harm any other players and you’re helping Glu’s finances. Paying to get in front of somebody who had more votes than you and taking the prize away from them: not fair. There’s a meltdown every week because people feel like they’ve been robbed after working all weekend long for nothing! Trendsetters should be limited to your first 14 submissions and that’s it. If you got your 14th ticket by buying it because you missed one, ok, fine, it counts. As long as everyone is being judged on the same amount of submissions. And I’m saying your first 14 looks because I’ve seen people say to keep your best 14. But if you submit lots of extra looks you get more chances of having a higher score amidst all of them, so this would still give an advantage to ticket buyers.
    • Alternatively, as I’ve seen mentioned a few times too, if all submissions count, it should be an average of all the looks you submitted. This way, ticket buyers who just submit a bunch of basic looks would be penalized because their average would drop.
    • Now. I understand that sometimes you reaaaaaaally want that top prize and you don’t want it to slip away because voters are impossible to please and they gave you bad scores on looks you were so confident about. If you really want the prizes, then you should be able to get them. By paying for them. But after Trendsetters is over! The person getting 1st place on Trendsetters should win on their own styling merits. Ranking would still work the same, you get your free items depending on where you placed. And if you want more, then you can buy the missing outfit parts during the 24 hours when the SYS window is still active after the event. The closer you are to the top ranks, the cheaper the price and then it increases gradually the lower you are. Buy them with K-stars or another currency of Glu’s choice, anyway people are already paying to get them, so it wouldn’t change anything financially for Glu. Actually, maybe even more people would buy since it would now be more within their reach (compared to when you have a crazy ticket buyer in your group and you just give up on the competition because it’s impossible to win).
    • Glu would have even more people buying tickets if buying didn’t remove the free k-stars videos… You want to make money from the SYS tickets? Let everyone keep their 20 daily videos and you’ll get more customers. And while you’re at it, do the same for all of the other in-game purchases! How many people refrain from buying stuff because they know they will lose their free k-stars??
    • The scores in the 2000-3000s that some are seeing are just plain ridiculous! Glu should have a trigger in their system that warns them after a certain amount of tickets have been used and it starts getting suspicious. Sure, not all of these are from hackers and there are legitimate players getting caught in bidding wars, but if these high numbers were automatically investigated, I’m sure it would bring more results than just waiting for regular players to report suspicious accounts. The people who truly paid for their tickets wouldn’t be bothered because Glu can see the transactions but they would come across the irregular accounts more often.
    • I haven’t had this issue in my groups thankfully, but please separate male and female dolls. Cancelling the top prize for all females because a male doll got 1st place makes no sense at all!

    So that’s it… my two cents putting together different suggestions I saw in a way I think would work for everyone: non-paying customers still get rewards, paying customers still get extra if they want too without taking it away from someone, and Glu still gets money through tickets and other currencies. Sorry for the novel! And the amount of mistakes that probably slipped in there…! English is not my first language and it’s way too late for me to re-read all that (3:30am, I spent more than an hour typing all that, ugh!)!

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    @Tyranda while i openly disagreed with you (largely because i'm sure you were being purposely insensitive to people who can't and won't buy tickets) I do also think it's a little unfortunate you took all the heat when KKH_Mermaid started it. Then again, if she started it you definitely exacerbated it.
    Still when you consider KKH_Mermaid and that KimsBestie and CryingKim defended people buying tickets, i think its unfair to them to say it was you V everyone else. Especially considering the general forum's feelings towards ticket buyers, I'd say they stuck their neck out for you.
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    I think there should be a maximum amount of tickets that you can use in one sys event. Like 3 tickets per sys. Then it would be more likely to get the last earnable item and it would make the sys fairer. Because I think that the best player should win, not the one who can pay for winning. 
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    Cap on votes, not on tickets. 

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    @charlottegold it's like Miss and Miss Congeniality I like it :-D 
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    I came on here 2 weeks ago asking for a android player to please use a certain hairstyle in the sys event so I could get it and everyone wanted to ignore me I didnt come on here crying about it and yet I remark how I feel and people than wanna pay attention to what I say seems the only way I'm noticed is through negativity and I'm not a new player I've been playing since it was first released @Tyranda I'm sorry u felt that way I went to work and didnt get back on til now do not let anyones negativity bring you down just let that girl is allowed to voice how she feels so are we!!
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    We can raise our opinions without judging or shaming Dolls that buy their way to the 1st spot. 💕🌸
    I think it's kind of a shame that this statement is being downvoted. Unless they're hacking, players shouldn't be shamed for using tickets -- it's on the game developers for deciding that this is fair play. If you spent $20+ of your hard-earned money on a virtual hairstyle, by all means, it's yours! 
    Maybe I have low expectations because I've played other games that were WAY more pay2win, but I've already accepted that as a non-IAP player, winning is never guaranteed. I'm definitely in support of capping tickets and making things more fair but still, blame the system not the players.
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    @KKH_Mermaid did you think that maybe, no one on could submit the hair for you? i’m 100% sure that no one was ignoring you at all. 
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    This is absolutely ridiculous. If you happily deprive everyone of a fair game, then you shouldn’t expect to be welcomed with open arms on this forum. Pay to play is new for KKH so you shouldn’t be surprised when people don’t like it. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Also it’s extremely elitist and callous to expect that everyone else can afford what you can afford. I’m starting to recall the great diamond debate and we all know how that ended 😂
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