Kim Birthday and Black Friday 2019/recommendations, Suggestions & Wants



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    It happened to me too, I was so angry, but when I do an event in the perfumery, the perfume is in my hand so I took it and took a picture for me to remember
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    Hello lovelies! Since Black Friday is quickly coming up, I wanted to create a thread asking for kloset shopping recommendations. Basically, I’m wondering if you all have particular items you would recommend to other players that you find useful- maybe they dye really well, maybe they score well in SYS or maybe they’re just super versatile. 

    Here are some of my items that I would recommend to other players: (I always find all of these items useful for different SYS) 

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    Excellent choices, esp the red thigh highs and that pink dress that always seems to do well with up dos and flower crowns.

    I always hit up the most expensive things on Black Friday. I may not get as much since some things I want will still be 100 Kstars, but things that may just be 50 Kstars will be easier to save for during the year than a Korkov dress that's 200 that I didn't buy.

    THAT SAID, there is a multi colored clutch in the closet that is 10 Kstars, buy it for 5 on BF.

    I also have a list and how much it will be.
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    Thanks for the thread @jhabs, it's gonna be useful I'm sure!
    This is going to be my first Black Friday since I've played the game but from what I saw during SYS Events, I would totally recommend to buy :

    - Korkov dresses, especially the purple one that looks like a mermaid tail. I know that they are super expensive (260/280 k-stars) but I think Black Friday is THE day to buy those items since they seem to be doing super well during SYS events.

    - You already said it but handhelds are a must, you can never have too much of them! Just buy things that you think might be useful like glass of wine, champagne, bags etc...

    - Auras seems to be doing well too during SYS, especially the doves and the butterflies. 100 k-stars is a lot and you may not want to invest into it but it's going to be 50 k-stars during Black Friday so it's totally worth it imo.

    This is all I can think about for now, if I had to choose between all of this (or if you're on budget) the Korkov dresses are definitely something that you want to have in your kloset in particular!

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    I would take advantage of the 50% off to buy new lips , noses and eyes. I would also purchase hair colours too if unconventional colours like blue and pink is your style. 
    And ditto on @KaylaJ, I would buy pop up store dresses. 
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    I'm going to invest in the nose highlight on bf, 190 kstars is a steep price for a little shine lol. But it's so cute. Makeup eyes and accessories are worth getting too. 
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  • EmCharlotteEmCharlotte Registered Users, Member 579 Posts
    I strongly suggest the mermaid Korkov dress - it scores so well in SYS events (when gowns are appropriate) and looks fantastic dyed any colour, which increases its versatility. 

    I like the skirt/boot and pants/boot combos as it feels like you get two items for one! I also like the stockings/tights in the misc section as they can change the vibe of a look - fishnets vs sheer stockings etc. 

    The white dove aura is a purchase I am extremely happy with, it always seems to help in SYS (when appropriate of course). I hope more auras are available for K stars during the Black Friday event. 

    I will be stocking up on hairstyles and handhelds, because they can help your look seem more on theme even if you have a limited wardrobe. For example different hats are useful (beanies for winter events, floppy hats for summer events or anything taking place outside) and hairstyles don’t get locked! Handhelds I find extremely useful are drinks and clutches. 

    Make up/hair colour is a solid choice, as it is often expensive so 50% off is a great saving. You can totally change the look of your doll with a bit of plastic surgery! This is good for newer players who have saved some K stars as these things don’t lock and can always been used to help keep a look on theme for SYS. I advise playing around with different eye colours when shopping for eyes, as some look rather forgettable or strange with some eye colours but fantastic with a lighter one, or a darker one. 

    I think I’ll stock up on some more niche items if they become available for BF - things like a passport etc, as you never know when they might be handy for SYS!!! I remember the passport being available earlier this year and thinking “I’m not spending 40K on a random passport, even if it looks cool” - then we had the traveler SYS and I kicked myself! 
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    here my very long Black Friday shopping must-buys 
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  • barbaraKKHbarbaraKKH Registered Users, Member 66 Posts
    Hey dolls! This is also my first year playing kkh and I am so excited for Black Friday!! I have been saving for MONTHS and the time is almost here. Here are some of the must haves on my list
    -dresses (event prizes i loved and missed out on and korkov)
    -handhelds (drinks, pie)
    -EYES (so many beautiful eyes. I currently only own 1)
    -shoes (you can never have enough)
    -hair (updos and curls)
    -bags (CLUTCHES)
    I’d love to hear what you guys have your eyes on this BF!😜
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    @EmCharlotte what does the mermaid dress look like? Thank you!
  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 2,290 Posts
    I'm so ready to give my doll her well deserved plastic surgery! And I too have on my list the Korkov dress and bird aura :) I also want the bag with the puppy and the roller skates but I'm on a budget and my shopping list depends on how many of the TB items I like
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    @stacy9491 I think this is the mermaid dress being talked about. I agree with @EmCharlotte, it looks great in every color and scores really well in SYS events. 

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    @Stefani_H Doll, I can relate to that! Months ago, I told myself that I won’t spend my k-stars until BF but right now I have 1100 k-stars. My impatient a** spent all of the stars while opening gift boxes and kollections. This is sad 😭😭😭😭😭


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    hi. merged the 2 threads for Black Friday suggestions into one;   We also have a another Black Friday/Christmas thread wants etc, but we’ll leave that one because it continues through Christmas/New Years.  Please check to see if we have an existing thread before starting one.  Thanks. ;). I left a marker from the previous thread going right here.  
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    Omg, I have no idea how I missed it, but I was sure that the mermaid dress was an event item, not kloset!!! I’m so happy I’ve seen your posts, I need to do a quick BF budget amendments 😂😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️
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    Idk if anyone’s mentioned yet, or if it’s even possible but can the hair colors from past events come back? I don’t have the pics on me but I’m still sad about missing the pastel purple hair (I think it was a gb) and the medium pink purple hair (I wanna say SYS?). I was hoping they’d somehow come back someday but it’s seems pretty impossible cuz usually only physical items have come back not colors (that includes eye and lip colors). Pretty please!!! 🥺

    *Update, dug up the colors. I'm talking about the first and second ones but other people may also want the others too. (Excuse the LQ photos, also the second hair looks pinker here than in the actual screen shot, idk why but it's a little less bright than that...)

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    I have a question and sorry if this has been asked in another thread but, does the hair/eyebrows/eyes colors will be on sale too ?
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    Stefani_H said:
    I have a question and sorry if this has been asked in another thread but, does the hair/eyebrows/eyes colors will be on sale too ?
    I think hair colors were half of last year ...
    Not sure about eyebrow or eye colors :s
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