🗳️ SYS -9/26/19 - Theme: London (London, Baby)



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    @jaeann Lol. You must’ve caught me while I was sleep dressing my doll cause I have no memory of that look whatsoever  🤣 Hate those shoes 😂 This is the look I woke up to 😂👌

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    I’m just going to leave this here.
  • jaeannjaeann Registered Users, Member 502 Posts
    My bad @alice_kkh !!! 💓
    in my defense- I only noticed the hair and top (I was about to pass out 🤪😴) 
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  • Chelsea123Chelsea123 New Member Registered Users 1,741 Posts

    Got first place. Love the outfit!
    and love that you can style these pants with a lot of items!
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  • alice_kkhalice_kkh Registered Users, Member 1,242 Posts
    @jaeann definitely not your fault 😂💗not sure what I was doing when I woke up in the middle of the night. Managed to grow back my doll’s eyebrows this morning 😂😵 love this top! 🖤

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  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 3,729 Posts
    @DramaDramaDrama ohh makes senseeee. I did only get the first 3 earnable thingys, but the outfit wasn’t all that cute too me. I did get the 5 gold dyes thooo 😁
    I want the diamonds I’m saving up to get a dress I missed out on nearly 2 years ago and finally have enough diamonds for it! The theme this week meant I didn’t see it in voting but fingers crossed for this weekend SYS 😁

    If it fits the theme, I can submit it for you! I wear that dress all the time in SYS and it always scores well
  • lilvivlilviv Registered Users, Member 426 Posts
    I submitted my last look a few minutes before the event ended and the box never turned gray like it normally does when it’s done in the voting booth. Does this mean it didn’t get through a full round? 

  • ActualStargirlActualStargirl Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    lilviv said:
    I submitted my last look a few minutes before the event ended and the box never turned gray like it normally does when it’s done in the voting booth. Does this mean it didn’t get through a full round? 

    Yes, I've had that before when I forgot to submit a ticket and submitted one 1-2 minutes before it ended. It just collects the votes until time runs out instead of a full voting. 
  • lilvivlilviv Registered Users, Member 426 Posts
    @ActualStargirl ah thank you!
  • luvs2gruuvluvs2gruuv Registered Users, Member 1,753 Posts
    Thank you so much, @DoloresWyatt! :) Yours are great, too! :)
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  • FranciscaFrancisca Registered Users, Member 45 Posts
    I might get really disliked for this but im gonna share this anyway. I was first the entire sys like literally. Now you already know what comes after this sentence😂 The forum doll who (I naively even complimented when sys started) bought tickets to pass me, she wasn’t even in the top 5 during the first 3 days, but always between like 7-16th place. Of course last day she popped up as second place and I knew that was fishy already... when we got our last ticket I submitted my last look and went to bed and when I woke up she gained about 160points (and thats definitely not from the one last ticket....)
    Enjoy wearing my top hun! 
    Before our last ticket

    Vs the next morning😂

    Sorry for the story time but I hope every disappointment that we share about TS might makes Glu closer to rethink this system
  • stargirIstargirI Registered Users, Member 65 Posts
    I was 5th and I'm actually surprised, all my outfits had like 30-35 votes so I think 5th place is really good
  • JasmineKKHJasmineKKH Junior Member Registered Users 518 Posts

    iOS platform
  • kimberleyxkimberleyx Registered Users, Member 86 Posts
    Happy with 4th place! I’ve been dying for a pair of decent leather leggings in this game! 😂

  • soundsprettysoundspretty Senior Member Registered Users 4,995 Posts
    edited September 2019
    I had two ticket buyers from the beginning. Second place actually looked really nice but she stood no chance of catching up to the basic b in first place who bought at least 2 packs. I was in third and got knocked to fourth last minute 🤷 This theme was so weird. I'd either score high 30's or low 50's. There was no middle ground of scoring 40's for me lol.
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  • jhabsjhabs Registered Users, Member 1,941 Posts
    @Francisca sometimes when two forum dolls are in the same group together, I’ve heard they’ll send a pm to communicate how much they want the TS and sometimes they’ll come to an agreement on which doll will win. I might suggest that next time if it happens again!  
  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 3,729 Posts
    stargirI said:
    I was 5th and I'm actually surprised, all my outfits had like 30-35 votes so I think 5th place is really good
    Congrats @stargirl! My male doll scored pretty low this SYS and also got 5th — I was relieved to win some k-stars for Trendsetters because I didn’t make it to the final male earnable prize (also k-stars, since they don’t get new SYS clothes like female dolls). So the event wasn’t a total loss! 😊
  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 3,729 Posts
    I like that solution @jhabs! Sorry for your disappointment @Francisca. Being in a TS group with someone on the forum can be awkward sometimes.
  • FranciscaFrancisca Registered Users, Member 45 Posts
    @jhabs Well I only used my free tickets and was first all the time, I only had bad feelings the last day, but I thought she might just wanted to be in top five. I took screenshots not directly bc of her but because I always do just to see if someone passes me it was well deserved or not. Also it would have been really weird to pm someone I dont personally know and be like, hey are you gonna use tickets to kick me from first place or not?😂 But if it happens again I might do that, thanks!:)
    @Rikk thank you doll! Hopefully sometime soon ticketbuyers wont affect our place if we ever get a cap on TS
  • jhabsjhabs Registered Users, Member 1,941 Posts
    @Francisca yes I totally understand! Theres just been drama about forum members buying tickets in the past and that was one solution people came up with to avoid that!😊 
  • SisSnappedLikeThanosSisSnappedLikeThanos Registered Users, Member 1,250 Posts
    me logging into the forum and getting drowned in tea rather than studying:
    Image result for reaction meme
    the only thing nice about me is i have a nice ass 
  • VampireBarbieVampireBarbie Registered Users, Member 1,242 Posts
    SYS looks:

    I really have had no idea what I’m doing the past few themes. I was lucky enough to be in a chill group this time! During the business SYS I had four ticket buyers 😅 it really is insane how much groups vary. So many great suggestions have been made here about how to make TS more of a fair system - I really hope glu takes them into account.
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  • SugarKSugarK Senior Member Registered Users 1,752 Posts
    Rikk said:
    @kokokokonut @KalindaKing I’ve requested this several times before — can we please have a separate thread to compile constructive feedback about SYS events? I’ve read lots of good ideas, but unfortunately these are very active threads every week so those ideas get buried and I’m afraid they’re not being seen. 😊 Hope you guys are well!

    For the record, the suggestions about capping the number of tickets to be used on Trendsetters and that TS should be determined by your average score are wonderful suggestions that would create a more fair event!

    I believe that Glu would still make a lot of money on tickets that way, and the competition would be much more fun. I wouldn’t want to see SYS or TS disappear, but we really need the system to change.

    For the record, I also asked for a separate thread for SYS/TS feedback and I was told they would not create a separate thread and to put feedback in the weekly SYS thread. Completely ridiculous!
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    @kkh_clarice loving those leggings dyed in purple doll 😍

    Really enjoyed being in the same ts group with @DoloresWyatt 🙂. Congrats remaining on the top 5 spot doll🤗. So within the last hr the doll who's also a ticketbuyer just like I am she obviously gave up and stopped submitting looks so she let me to win 1st place. 

    I'm loving the snakeprint of this top though 😍🥰

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  • EmCharlotteEmCharlotte Registered Users, Member 580 Posts
    @VampireBarbie I love your looks!! 😍
    Let’s be friends - Emmy KKH on FB. I play on iOS 🤍
  • Lia888Lia888 Registered Users, Member 678 Posts
    Late post for SYS, but I enjoyed the London theme and different looks in the voting booth. Here’s the high/low/fave looks. I used the IG post from a couple of weeks ago to style the T$ outfit and GB hair I chased to no end in a past weekend event.

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