🗳️ SYS -10/3/19 - Theme: Amusement Park! (Surprise)



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    please, let me know if you submit a fanny pack on android!! 💔
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    How did the voting go soooo quickly for first looks and has gone so molasses for other looks why 
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    How did the voting go soooo quickly for first looks and has gone so molasses for other looks why 
    They’ve adjusted how they create...oops... calculate... our scores.  
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    @stargirl I can submit the black one for you in about an hour, that works for you? 
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    Looks 1-6. I wish my first one would’ve done better but other than that I’m pretty happy with my scores. My last look was inspired by @brunakkh and is my only one to score 50+ so far so thank you!!! Seeing inspo here has been very helpful because I have no idea what to submit lol, other than my trusty balloon in all colors 😂
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    Yay @TrashleyKKH I spotted you and voted for you! You were the popular pick 💕

    I got the same @Kkh_Anastasia
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    I’m doing so bad and only broke 40 once. This is awful. Votes are so 50/50 so no matter how you style it’s going to score low most likely. Is it over yet. 😭
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    how did everyone stay basically on theme for London, but Theme Park turned into such a uncertainty?
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    let me know and i'll approve quicker!

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    Looks 3/4/5/6. I don’t think these looks are really “theme park” I’m just putting outfits together that I like... but they seem to be scoring well so I’ma keep doing what I’m doing! 

    Seeing so many looks I love here, I’m really enjoying these events that let us use more clothes than just gowns. I think the switch was a shock initially but now people seem to be voting more for the “on theme” looks vs just the “prettiest” or “most glam” looks. I’m happy when I see dolls in casual gear winning popular vote against long dresses and evening attire! 
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    I totally agree @EmCharlotte! We’ve had so many gown themes; it’s honestly so refreshing 
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    @Rikk refreshing is the right word! This VIP event I spent more stars on casual jackets and skirts and handhelds because I am confident they’ll be useful going forward. I used to only buy hairstyles and dresses because that was the only thing I could rely on to get me good scores. I got more for my stars too, as dresses can be so expensive compared to separates! 

    I still love a good gown theme though 😂
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    Here are all my looks so far. These past few SYS themes have been killing me with votes
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    Hmmm  :/

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    Enjoying a little morning walk with @thelifeofRaeRae 💞 It’s hard to walk in heels tbh but we stop every 10 minutes and put bandages on our feet. 🤪


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    Voted for @ValerieGray. Hmm...is this you doll?🤔

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    I really love the earnable hair but noticed something weird about it- theres a little piece towards the bottom of the neck that sticks out in front of earrings when in real life, it would never do this. @KalindaKing is this a glitch or is this how the hair is meant to be? 
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    Balloons and handhelds for days 🙃
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    @Smuckies wow girl congrats on that AMAZING score. Its very well deserved. I really love that look!😍😍
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    Look 7. The balloon is really helping alot. And it looks good dyed. I still have black, icy blue and purple left. Im not wasting my pink dye😂. 
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    @Scarletkkh thank you 😍
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    Planning ahead. Going to my sister in law's little girls birthday party later today, so I wont have much time today. I wish we had a lookbook in the sys events. But knowing what I want to submit makes its easier. The first look is inspired by @Smuckies , I hope it does well for me like it did for her.😂. Thank you for the inspo😍
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    My last 4 looks. 
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    @Ryley1e sorry I fell asleep, can you do it now? ❤
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    I just have no words🤦🏻‍♀️😂
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    I thought you guys were joking about the antlers but then there goes the probable ticket buyer of my group pulling them out lmao 

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    Probably wrong place to put this but the suspenders and stockings glitched and I love this look so much, I want to keep it on forever! 
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