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Last year, around the holidays, we started listing available deals for gift cards.  Let’s bring that back now, to get ready as the first deals begin to roll in   . Gift cards come in handy for the half price Black Friday Sale on Stars.
Hi, with Black Friday, and the rest of the holidays approaching, let's post info for deals on gift cards.
Thanks everyone.  I'll post after I verify the info I read somewhere.  In the meantime,
thanks everyone for your contributions.  If you already posted elsewhere, this isn't spam....please post it here too.  :)

Last year we found Best Buy, Costco, Walmart, target and more.  Supermarket and other chains had rebates : buy 100$ in cards get 20 back on a future purchase......that was 100 for net 80.  Then buy the stars at half price, you’ve gotten 200$ worth of stars for $80.

 i’m told
  •   iTunes may have a deal.  might not be in your area, I don’t know. Check by going into your Apple ID, Go to Add funds, and see if a deal pops up. 
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