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  • Ryley1eRyley1e Registered Users, Member 625 Posts
    @AliBryant thanks for the explanation I live in America so thats why I didn't get the european time and changes to sys in that part of the World 
  • Msjagger68Msjagger68 New Member Registered Users 289 Posts
    I’m still confused. Who gets to submit an extra ticket?

  • thallisathallisa New Member Registered Users 1,383 Posts
    @Msjagger68 Europeans who submitted their first looks within the first hour of the event lol
  • ElleOhElleElleOhElle Registered Users, Member 436 Posts

    Im really surprised. I had such low expectations for this SYS. I really didn’t think I’ll come even close to finishing with my mediocre looks, but somehow I manage to score enough votes to complete it? Okay!
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  • Msjagger68Msjagger68 New Member Registered Users 289 Posts
    thallisa said:
    @Msjagger68 Europeans who submitted their first looks within the first hour of the event lol
    Oh, thanks for the clarification! So us lowly Americans don’t get an extra ticket...that kinda sucks but okay.
  • kkh_claricekkh_clarice Registered Users, Member 1,181 Posts
    I hope to have 0 europeans on my group 🙏🏻

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  • RosalinaKKHRosalinaKKH Registered Users, Member 28 Posts

    Here’s my 14th look. Serving Jessica Rabbit realness. 🥰🥰🥰
  • OhemilieOhemilie New Member Registered Users 923 Posts

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  • mikaylachimomikaylachimo New Member Registered Users 2,937 Posts
    I’m thinking about using this for my last submission:

    Update: it ended up being my best look of the whole event!! Also my favorite, I’m obsessed with this look. Incase anybody needs some last minute inspo  

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  • AguadeCocoAguadeCoco Registered Users, Member 962 Posts
    Looks 11 to 14. I finally got a few good scores but I don't think it will be enough to stay on top five. 
    First doll is a male player, I would be upset of I liked and wanted the prizes, but this time, I'm kind of amused because if it stays that way, no one will get that hair! 

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  • kkh_claricekkh_clarice Registered Users, Member 1,181 Posts
    So I checked to see if I would have a 15th ticket or not and to my surprise it seems that I will have... What I didnt understand very well, I am not European and here in Brazil our s**t president canceled daylight saving time so it doesn't make much sense for me to have a 15th ticket. BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING OK.

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  • fallonfallon Registered Users, Member 561 Posts
    edited November 2019
    Então eu verifiquei se eu tinha um 15º ingresso ou não e, para minha surpresa, parece que você está ... O que eu não entendi muito bem, eu não sou europeu e aqui no Brasil ou nosso presidente cancelou a luz do dia economizando tempo para que não faça muito sentido ter um décimo ingresso. MAS NÃO ESTOU RECLAMANDO OK.

    it made me hope that I would pass the ticket buyer 🙌🏻
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  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,572 Posts
    13-14 looks

    I checked my game and I’ll be able to submit the 15 look BUT the ticket buyer in my TS have 80 points more than me so another look wouldn’t change the situation 

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  • Kkh_AnastasiaKkh_Anastasia Registered Users, Member 1,859 Posts
    This sys did very well for me! 😁 The new witch hat helped a lot also bc it made the whole look more mysterious and dark. I’m very happy that I actually did something right! 😂 

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  • Kkh_AnastasiaKkh_Anastasia Registered Users, Member 1,859 Posts
    KaylaJ said:

    My best scored looks so far! 

    @[email protected] yes submit the Hermonie look! And your looks are so fabulous 😍😍
    Thank you love! I love your looks as well and hope you don't mind I took inspo from your beautiful tooth fairy look

    #10 is @LindaVB , loved the usage of the necklace and several people are inspo behind 11 with that gold purse.

    Throw away the insanity of the TS and I'm really having a nice time seeing all the looks and the creativity of people.

    Also @AmandaMKKH I've seen a few Korkov heads, including a naked one, and while they're not always the fav, they get my vote
    Toothfairy? I just thought “hmm white is like ghostly, let’s roll with that and hope for the best” 😂😂😂😂
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  • Carol DavidaCarol Davida Expert Member Registered Users 6,145 Posts
    edited November 2019
    Last min inspo...ugh I'm in love with this satan queen look😍😍😍😍. Good luck dollies🥰🤞🏽

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  • RedVelvetRedVelvet Registered Users, Member 266 Posts
    since i’m from south america, i’ll get an extra ticket but first place has 1800+ points so it won’t do anything 
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  • KKH_RavenKKH_Raven Registered Users, Member 99 Posts
    Ah I was able to reclaim 1st place from the ticket buyer in my group without buying tickets! (I spent 1st day to Saturday night in 1st place until someone out of the blue had 300 points more than me) 
    My looks did really well this event, so this felt super satisfying.. but we’re both at 1st place and I just wish I could contact her and tell her I’m not buying tickets and it would be nice if she didn’t submit any more of hers so that we could share 1st prize 😪
  • QueonnahQueonnah New Member Registered Users 142 Posts

    RIP Ally, girl. Pretty came out of nowhereeee! I’m hoping to at least keep 5th place, smh. 
  • KKH_RavenKKH_Raven Registered Users, Member 99 Posts
    F’s in the chat girls, she is submitted more tickets and is 200 points ahead now.. but jokes on her since she is wasting her tickets since I’m not buying /haven’t bought any tickets 💀
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier New Member Registered Users 4,224 Posts
    I'm somehow not surprised that when I don't even sort of want the last earnable, I easily surpass the amount of points I need. And somehow this event was easy and half of my looks were just different outfits with vampire teeth. I wish I had the vampire teeth with the dripping blood to vary things a little more. 
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  • Chloè_KKHChloè_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,296 Posts
    Last two looks. I'm happy that the event is almost over, I was tired of the black gown-chandelier combo 😅

  • CalanthaCalantha New Member Registered Users 180 Posts
    @AliBryant You're in my trendsetters group!! It's a travesty you're not in 1st..you're looks were by far the best
  • FilipaKKHFilipaKKH Registered Users, Member 516 Posts
    dpeters said:
    Here's my DYI Queenie Goldstein's costume :lol:

    I find it absolutely adorable when I see some outfits based on  Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, I wish I had enough outfits to join you dolls. I love yours!! 😂
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  • AliBryantAliBryant Advanced Member Registered Users 6,015 Posts
    Thanks @Calantha!
  • VampireBarbieVampireBarbie Registered Users, Member 1,242 Posts
    SYS looks and earnable styling:

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  • DoloresWyattDoloresWyatt Registered Users, Member 1,193 Posts
    thallisa said:
    @Msjagger68 Europeans who submitted their first looks within the first hour of the event lol
    Would Australians get an extra ticket? I woke up in a panic cus I had my last 2 tickets to go and there was only 30 mins left. Then looked at the event and it had 2 hrs extra to go before it ends 
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  • KKH_RavenKKH_Raven Registered Users, Member 99 Posts
    Here are some of my favourites, I had a lot of fun changing my dolls make up 🐰💕 (two of them was basically the same outfit tho.. but I liked the different vibe from them)

    Though I really wish this one had done better cause I really loved the fire godmother vibe 🥺

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