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I only have 5 videos after I made the stupid decision to give Glu my money. 
But the reason I'm posting is this furniture ad with the red logo. I was watching the video and near the end, a pop-up suddenly came up by itself. There wasn't anything to do except cancel the pop-up to get back into the game. I waited but did not get my k-star for watching the video. There's always a delay after watching anyway, so after a few minutes, I watched another one and it was the exact same ad and the same pop-up thing happened. I watched three more ads, then it wouldn't let me watch anymore. But in the end, I only got paid for those three videos. 
My internet connection was functioning well when I was using other apps by the way. 
One more thing, I never see any offers for playing games anymore, ever since I made the purchase, not sure if anyone else also experienced this. I'm on IOS btw.
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