My sys outfit is gone

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Please help me, I recently updated my game because of the new update and when I entered the game it had reset, as I am always logged in with my Facebook account in the game I managed to recover my progress, but when I went to look in my closet to  to see if the clothes were there, I noticed that the last sys trendsetters outfit (the halloween theme) was gone, what do i do in that case?  I don't want to lose one of my favorite clothes in the game, mainly because of a bug that wasn't mine. (I even have the clothes for points only in my closet only the trendsetters that don't)


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    Send a ticket in game and ask s support to take a look.  top  keft of ypour fa me, ra l the options
    ( lll/help/glu support )
    Sorry this  happened.  good luck and hope this helps.
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