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    The Triple Threat bundle will appear in your games again.
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    Ohemilie said:
    Please please don’t all pile on me BUT I keep hearing on here how awful the triple threat is and how glu needs to listen to their customers but then on Facebook everybody loved the deal and wants it back so WHICH customers should glu listen to?! 

    I’m not trying to start an argument, I know ticket buyers make it harder and I haven’t come first in months despite trying really hard and getting high scores so I’m not saying this whilst winning every week but in my opinion glu ARE listening to customers by keeping the bundle as so many people like and want it? 

    With something as divisive as this they can’t make everybody happy so it makes sense to me to go down the making money and half the people happy route rather than the no money half the people happy road? 
    Everyone on Facebook loved the triple bundle and majority on Instagram as well. I’ve bought it myself it’s a cheap and great way to earn diamonds and get additional K-Stars Etc. 🙈💕🌸
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    This triple threat bundle is one bargain in the eyes of those who actually buy it but then there's still the option of buying tickets as well. So some people buy the bundle plus the 12 or 6 pack tickets or the bundle only,either way Money talks and that's the route Glu is taking and the rest of us are going to be continuously unhappy and not looked at because we are in the minority. 
  • OhemilieOhemilie New Member Registered Users 787 Posts
    I think glu could solve a lot of problems by introducing a cap on TS submissions, that way it wouldn’t matter how many bundles or tickets you bought if your looks weren’t ‘good’ - at the moment players can buy enough points to come first because every low score is still boosting their overall score. If you capped it at 14 submissions - your TOP 14 submissions, then free players could still win, and ticket buyers could still buy tickets. Only thing with that is style is subjective and glu could magically introduce a system where outfits get low scores or something. 

    I would love to know how many bundles they sold last week - is there any way of finding out? 

    For me the TS feels like a kollection in that it’s kind of exclusive. Not everyone can win or afford to play. I know we can buy stars but to complete a kollection costs about £70!!! That is such a lot of money. It is incredibly hard to get stars without buying them, I have all the businesses and even then it’s maybe 25 a week?! Might get lucky and win some in my gift boxes but to get enough to complete one kollection without buying any would take months. 

    TS is unfair but only letting one person win the prizes is by default unfair really as it’s not just ticket buying but subjectivity of style, your kloset, your time zone etc. 

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  • OhemilieOhemilie New Member Registered Users 787 Posts
    Allegorie said:
    @Ohemilie I get what you're saying. But it's not fair to free players & pay customers who don't want or can't spend 20€ every week to maybe get a pair of boots. Why? Because you know, long before the event starts, that you have litterally zero chance of winning if you don't put money in it. And it's not sane at all. We play to have fun, not to stress and bet our own money every week for a pair of shoes. It's just insane. Especially since this event lasts for more than 3 days and that many of us have to wake up at night to submit a ticket. And it's the same song, every week. And now, if you don't pay, you can get lucky OR you can get 5 k-stars + 5 energy. It doesn't worth the trouble to wake up at night and stress over submitting 14 looks imo. 
    The whole event is stressful and rubbish so let’s stop playing? That would make a difference 
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  • AllegorieAllegorie Registered Users, Member 558 Posts
    @Ohemilie well yes, I'm close to stop participating in SYS events. Especially when the prizes are not that great. 
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  • OhemilieOhemilie New Member Registered Users 787 Posts
    I think it’s easy for glu to ignore unhappy players. There’s a handful of us on here but then hundreds (thousands?) buying the bundles, buying tickets, buying FG, buying stars and they can write off the anger on here as people still play. 

    The only thing that will work is if people stop spending money. That’s literally it. And if they keep introducing short term, low priced bundles like the triple threat every now and again they can probably make enough to cancel out the people cancelling VIP. To be honest, they probably don’t rely on that as a revenue stream anymore anyway as they’d already stopped adding stuff to it and the perks were rubbish. 

    Not everyone reads this forum so I’m guessing most people don’t see all the tension and just think ooh great weekly SYS! New bundles! Etc 
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  • tackus88tackus88 Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    How does the free tickets count? You get 2 tickets at the beginning and you get 1 ticket every 6 hours. But the duration of event is 72h, right? So the math is 72:6=12+2 tickets. But if the event opens on 3pm, you need at least 1minute to create and submit the look, so let's say you get the 3rd ticket at 9:01 and so on. So you should get the 14th ticket after the sys ends. So please tell me how is it possible to use 14 tickets 😊 Maybe I'm understanding smth wrong? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
  • ellyelephantellyelephant Registered Users, Member 440 Posts
    tackus88 said:
    How does the free tickets count? You get 2 tickets at the beginning and you get 1 ticket every 6 hours. But the duration of event is 72h, right? So the math is 72:6=12+2 tickets. But if the event opens on 3pm, you need at least 1minute to create and submit the look, so let's say you get the 3rd ticket at 9:01 and so on. So you should get the 14th ticket after the sys ends. So please tell me how is it possible to use 14 tickets 😊 Maybe I'm understanding smth wrong? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
    The event doesn’t last 72 hours; it lasts 78 hours. Starts at 3pm ends at 9pm. Therefore you get 14 tickets, you’d receive a 15th ticket at 9:01.
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    Think I'm just gonna aim for the wine bottle and anything after that is a bonus. The TS boots are cute but I already know I'll have zero chance of getting them, so not gonna get stressed over it.
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    Off topic: when does the SYS starts? Usually it starts at around 3AM here in the Philippines but last week I think it started at 4AM.

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  • soundsprettysoundspretty Senior Member Registered Users 4,950 Posts
    If you google "eastern standard time" it'll give you the current time of the zone Glu uses for their events. For example, I'm an hour behind so 3pm when the event starts is actually 2pm for me.
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    @Ohemilie  You can make money without alienating so strongly half of your customer base. There have been lots of suggestions in the SYS threads week after week after week.
    Also, it’s not the same as Kollections, as Kollections come back on a regular basis, so you can always complete them later if you didn’t have enough K-stars (or money for K-stars) when it first appeared. Plus, the fact that other players taking spins at the Kollection doesn’t affect your chances of getting the items or not.
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    I PERSONALLY think that (and it's not an ideal vision, but I'm also taking into account Glu's practises and visions) simply adding an option to buy T$ items for real money could help a lot😢 Even if the option to buy tickets stays (which is what Glu wants) I think the amount of ticket buyers will decrease, but the amount of money the company makes won't. I personally have never bought tickets because I'm just scared to throw money without being sure I would get something in return. If I liked the prizes, I would definitely spend money for the items (just like SMC or FG). I know this isn't ideal, but I'm just trying to find a compromise between what most of players want and what the company wants. Just some thoughts, don't hate me 💁🏼‍♀️💛
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  • simoonsimoon Registered Users, Member 224 Posts
    if i had a sugardaddy he could invest in some kstars and fashion goals and whatever
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  • LisylisLisylis Junior Member Registered Users 927 Posts
    One day (soon?) this game is going to stop getting updates and support and I always think about that when people spend real life dollars each week trying to get the trendsetter prizes. Like one day you're just not going to be able to access them and even before that you're going to have nothing to do in the game while your doll is all dressed.up
  • Chelsea.Chelsea. Experienced Member Registered Users 526 Posts
    It’s like the louder we scream about giving feedback Glu ignores us..more and more. And then they are wondering why this game isn’t doing well. 
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