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Since Thursday or Friday I've been constantly getting playback errors when watching videos for Kstars while using wifi or data. It used to only happen 2-3 times a day, but the last few days it's happened with almost every Kstar video I try to watch. The videos for rapid recharge, second daily box and unlocking an item work fine this is only happening with Kstar videos. 
(Screenshots of what the ads look like while loading and the error message)

In the past when these ads would occasionally work they would constantly freeze and take forever to finish, they say 15-30 seconds but take several minutes to watch. 
I'm obviously not sure of all the ads that don't work (because they refuse to start) but here's a list of the ones that have started but been very slow and freeze, so I assume these may be the ads that don't work now.
Amazon Echo, Allstate Insurance, Zelle, Google Fi and Nintendo Switch.
I really hope this issue can be resolved, because this is my main way of getting Kstars.
Platform: Android
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