Daily Holiday gift boxes - 2019!



  • Chloè_KKHChloè_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,377 Posts
    My daily box. I really need those silver boots 😍
  • kayayemkayayem Registered Users, Member 534 Posts
    edited December 2019
    Today’s holiday look from gift boxes: got the beautiful fur shawl from my free box, watched a video to get a second free box and got 4 energy (ugh). Out of disappointment, decided to spend the last of my K-Stars on a Christmas box and got this beautiful hair. 

  • FilipaKKHFilipaKKH Registered Users, Member 516 Posts
    Today I got luckier with my daily box. I'm so glad!

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  • ashleydianemashleydianem Registered Users, Member 1,357 Posts
    Got this hair!! 14 items to go!!

  • Clair_FlairClair_Flair Registered Users, Member 181 Posts
    My yesterday’s daily box was the hairstyle with antlers(?)
    buuuuuut today, after uncomfortable spat on the way home with a disgruntled mother of one boy on the subway i got lucky!!! First got vip partnership, then fur thingy (what is it called?) then after the video got boots and due to impulse and in need of comfort spent 15 k-stars and got the sweater. But almost picked muse partnership😬🙈
    overall am happy as i can be. 

  • Clair_FlairClair_Flair Registered Users, Member 181 Posts
    edited December 2019
    Anyone else unable to open a second daily box? I don’t get the video option anymore.
    It happend to me 3 times prior the update. If in case the second day box requires you to PAY k-stars rather then watching a video, just exit out of the game, re-start your phone i try again usually after one or two times video option is back. it worked for me before.
    if you have no option at all-maybe ask Kalinda? 

  • TheBolaTheBola Registered Users, Member 194 Posts
    Two boxes, two dyes for me today... 😞
  • LolitaLolita Registered Users, Member 233 Posts
    Yasss! 🎉image
  • AguadeCocoAguadeCoco Registered Users, Member 962 Posts
    I got this cute hairstyle in my daily gift box :)

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  • barbaraKKHbarbaraKKH Registered Users, Member 66 Posts
    Hoping for a better box tomorrow these items are so cute☺️
  • icymamiicymami Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    my holiday box! love love love!
  • jhabsjhabs Registered Users, Member 1,942 Posts
    My first daily box Christmas item! I’m ready to hit the slopes!!😜
  • RikkRikk Registered Users 3,870 Posts
    Omg yay! Got this cute jacket/mitten/coffee combo in my box 😃

  • nylonlaundrynylonlaundry Registered Users, Member 65 Posts
    Did anyone else not get the prize from the second box we got, the dark blue one? I opened it and got the black shoe with gold heel with the holly but the closet says i have to pay for it
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  • AliBryantAliBryant Registered Users 6,169 Posts
    @nylonlaundry scroll down in the kloset more to find it among the event items. There is a new shoe that is nearly identical to those which is probably what you are seeing for stars in the kloset.
  • KatinkaeKatinkae Registered Users 845 Posts
    I really hoped for more new christmas items in the daily boxes. Im only missing one item now 😥
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  • alyssa123alyssa123 Registered Users, Member 62 Posts
    @samaaanthaaa me too it’s been months since I’ve been able to watch a video for another box
  • ValerieGrayValerieGray Registered Users, Member 685 Posts
    @AliBryant Those lips on your doll😍
    I play on Amazon kindle!
  • nylonlaundrynylonlaundry Registered Users, Member 65 Posts
    edited December 2019
    AliBryant said:
    @nylonlaundry scroll down in the kloset more to find it among the event items. There is a new shoe that is nearly identical to those which is probably what you are seeing for stars in the kloset.
    It is those exact shoes, but I can't wear them even though I've already got them from the box
    iOS・i look completely different in sys
  • Lia888Lia888 Registered Users, Member 2,053 Posts
    In yesterday’s daily box I picked energy. I was so frustrated I clicked collect instead of opening another box...  ugh! Well today was a great pick for both boxes. 

  • ciaraxciarax Registered Users, Member 334 Posts
    it’s a good hair day, specially since my doll doesnt look basic anymore thanks to black friday 

    i really want the sweater with the hot chocolate and the silver boots, keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏼
  • karina_kkhkarina_kkh Registered Users, Member 91 Posts
    my gb today was only +4 energy and then to open a second box it asked me for 10 kstars. not to mention that my 4 boxes from the TB event were also awful lmao. it's been a disappointing week for me. 
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  • sheridansheridan Registered Users, Member 129 Posts
    Yesterday and today’s box! 

  • IzzaBeeIzzaBee Registered Users, Member 407 Posts
    Yay! I didn’t get any items the first or second day 😢. 

    I play on iOS 
  • martina_kkhmartina_kkh Registered Users, Member 213 Posts

    I can’t remember when was the last time I got so lucky 🤩🍀
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