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Hello, I was trying to restore my saved game through google play and after hours of it saying it did not find any restored game, it finally found my recent game. However, when I click restore and confirm, it just takes me back to the main screen where it asks us to kustomize our character and start game. So what do I do from here? Do I click on start now and then I'll be able to play my saved game? I really don't want to take any chances and just want to confirm if that's what I'm supposed to do. Please help!


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    We're experiencing a crashing issue on iOS and Android.  Try again when the issue is resolved later this morning.
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    Thank you for replying @kokokokonut
    But actually no, I have been facing this problem since last night when the game was working fine. And now that it's back to working again, I decided to take a risk and press start after i click restore and confirm. But the game started from the beginning. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it but now the problem is still here. Here are some screenshots:

    I click on restore here, then it asks me to confirm, and then it goes back to this screen:

    It would be great if someone who has restored their game before could help me. If this is a technical problem then maybe @KalindaKing you could help me? I don't want to lose more time from participating in the weekend events as I wasnt able to participate last weekend too. Please and thank you.
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