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I made this thread so people can share how their KKH families have changed over time! Since most NPCs wear terrible randomized outfits I think it'll be interesting to see how we've made over our NPC husbands and wives and how our doll's families are looking today. Even if your spouse isn't an NPC, you can post a photo of your family from when you first got married or had kids next to how your family looks now.

To start, here's an old photo from 2015, when Kat met her future husband William Walker in all his randomized shutter shades glory:

And here they are now with their kids, Monahan and Slade, after 5 years of marriage!

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    You and William are always so cute! Nothing but love and support for my favorite emo power-couple 😂💖
    Do totally not fake babies count too? 

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